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What's on TV for Sunday, August 16

Television Sunday
(Image credit: Stephen Monterroso/Unsplash)

The weekend is almost over, the stream of good content is going strong. Tonight you can catch up on recent political news with a new episode of The Circus, as well as catch new episodes of The Chi and Beat Bobby Flay.

And remember the Tiger King? Tonight Discovery documents the rescue of four exotic cats from his zoo.

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Surviving Joe Exotic

When the pandemic started, much of the world became aware of Joe Exotic, the eccentric owner of a number of large cats. In this Discovery show, four cats are rescued from Joe Exotic’s zoo. Much like the Netflix series Tiger King, the show features interviews with former employees of the zoo as well as rescue organizations and Joe Exotic himself.

Watch at 10:01pm EDT on Discovery

Beat Bobby Flay

Does anyone actually ever beat Bobby Flay?  You can find out if today’s the day, in a new episode of Beat Bobby Flay airing tonight. The show, if you’re not familiar, first pits three excellent chefs against each other to find a winner. Afterward, the victor takes on Bobby Flay, whom they almost always lose to. Tonight’s episode involves Masa.

Watch at 10pm Eat on Food Network

The Circus

It’s been a big week in politics. Now that Biden has officially selected Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, tonight’s episode features advice for her from former vice-presidential candidates as well as a look at the planning for the first ever virtual Democratic National Convention.

Watch tonight at 8pm EDT on Showtime.

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs continues today with game 3 of the matchup between the Philadelphia Flyers vs. Montreal Canadiens. Like all NHL playoff series, the first team to win four games in the series will advance to the next round in the playoffs. Tonight’s game, like all of the playoffs this year, is being played in Canada. The eastern conference is playing in Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Watch tonight at 8pm EDT on NBC.

Apocalypse Earth

The east coast has been dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane and a few tornadoes this week, which may mean that tonight’s Apocalypse Earth hits a little close to home. Tonight’s episode looks at tornadoes in particular and the scientific and human impact that some of the most destructive tornadoes in the United States have had.

Watch at 9pm EDT on the History channel

The Chi

Have you been watching The Chi? If not, the show should definitely go on your binge list. In tonight’s new episode Ronnie receives a lot of praise from his church community, while others aren’t so soon to let him forget his mistakes. Kevin works on balancing his relationships with his obligations, and Dom and Emmett prepare for their grand opening.

Watch tonight at 9pm on Showtime 

Les Misérables 

In 2012, Les Misérables won three Oscars. Now, you can watch the film, starring High Jackman and Russell Crowe whenever you want on Netflix. Based on the classic Shakespeare play, it’s not a replacement for reading it (sorry, kids!), but the production gives life to Shakespeare in a fun way that’s definitely worth a watch.

Watch anytime on Netflix