Casualty Spoilers: David Hide is dumped and desperate!

David Hide is worried and stressed in Casualty.
Is David Hide in danger? (Image credit: BBC)

David Hide spins out of control in Casualty episode Derby Day. Elsewhere, a fight kicks off in the ED with terrifying consequences.

Casualty spoilers in full below…

David Hide has nowhere left to hide

Nurse David Hide’s nightmare takes a dark twist this week when his ex-wife’s interview about their killer son is published. Rosalene has defended school shooter Ollie in a magazine, which uses a picture of David and his son on the front cover! 

The fallout is immediate. David’s new girlfriend Susan Kellmer dumps him for lying about who he is. And soon afterwards Zoe Tranter — the mother of Ollie’s accomplice, Rob — is admitted to the ED of a suspected overdose. David believes it’s because of the horror of their children’s actions and reveals he knows how she feels… 

Rachel Bavidge as betrayed Susan in Casualty.

Rude awakening. Susan's betrayal nightmare...  (Image credit: BBC)

Revelations, accusations, and hard home truths

The episode opens with Susan arriving at the ED and frantically looking for David and clutching the damning magazine. She finds him asleep in the on-call room and furiously bats him with the article. But behind the fury, Susan (EastEnders Rachel Bavidge) is utterly heartbroken that this man she’s opened up to, been completely honest with, and trusted with the most private aspects of her life, has lied to her.

After this public break up with Susan, clinical lead Dylan Keogh (William Beck) urges David to go home. But with the ED at breaking point and the arrival of Rob’s desperately ill mum, Zoe, David refuses to leave… Setting in motion a chain of challenging and confronting events for the mixed-up medic. 

Simon Lenagan and Amanda Horlock as broken Jack and Zoe Tranter in Casualty.

Simon Lenagan and Amanda Horlock as broken Jack and Zoe Tranter in Casualty. (Image credit: BBC)

Later, David has a furious altercation with Rob’s father and mother, Jack and Zoe Tranter, played by Simon Lenagan (Coronation Street, The Bill) and Amanda Horlock (EastEnders, The Larkins). Both parties are dealing with consequences of their children’s actions in very different ways, and each believes the other’s son to be responsible for the deadly school shooting. Yet, there is still a lot they don’t know…

Will the arrival of Tristan (Adam Seridji) shed new light on the horrific events? 

Chaos ED

Meanwhile, the ED is overrun. It’s Derby Day and, as Holby City and Holby United face each other on the pitch, injured fans kick off in the hospital. 

It's another dark day in the ED for Dylan Keogh.

It's another dark day in the ED for Dylan Keogh. (Image credit: BBC)

Dylan does what he can to prepare the ED team for a long and difficult day. But even so, before the hardworking medics’ shifts have finished, the ED is trashed, and bloodstained and someone is facing deadly consequences after a horrific attack at the hospital…

Also in Casualty this week

It turns out that hospital manager Marcus Fidel - consultant Stevie Nash’s secret squeeze - isn’t quite as in control of his emotions as he likes to project. 

This week Marcus (Adam Sina) becomes unpredictably jealous when he witnesses Stevie (Elinor Lawless) flirting with stabbed police officer Nick Hill (Joshua Eldridge Smith).

Stevie, Robyn and Faith unite on a difficult day.

Stevie, Robyn and Faith unite on a difficult day. (Image credit: BBC)

Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell) believes the clandestine couples' feeling run deeper than either of them care to admit. But will Marcus’ unprofessional green-eyed reaction push Stevie away?

Elsewhere, Paul Pegg (Paul Popplewell) is given charge of a horse. We’ll just park that there with this image and no further context…

Paul with Max the Horse outside the ED.

Paul is saddled with Max. Or should that be, Max is saddled with Paul?! (Image credit: BBC)

This episode of Casualty airs on Saturday, September 10 2022 at 8.10pm on BBC1 and is available on iPlayer after transmission. 

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