Coronation Street spoilers: MURDER on the cobbles as Stephen Reid kills again

Stephen Reid gets rid of Teddy!
Stephen Reid gets rid of Teddy! (Image credit: ITV)

Stephen Reid kills Teddy in a bid to keep his secrets safe in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings) 

In the Rover’s, Jenny’s ears prick up whilst Tim’s horrified when Elaine confides how she gave Stephen Reid £12k and since then he’s cooled towards her. 

In the café, Teddy agrees to abandon his trip and Stephen is relieved. But when Billy says something to Teddy it triggers a memory and as Stephen heads out of the factory, Teddy approaches him and revealing that he now remembers everything, accuses Stephen of having done something to Leo. 

Teddy grows angry, revealing that he remembers every word of their conversation before the accident. Stephen leads him into the factory, suggesting they can talk inside. 

In the office, Teddy accuses Stephen of doing everything he can to stop him from going to Canada because in truth he killed Leo in a bid to have Jenny for himself. When Teddy vows to report him to the police, Stephen whacks him over the head and kills him instantly! 

Will teddy survive the attack?

Teddy is killed by Stephen, but how will the killer get rid of the body?  (Image credit: ITV)

When a delivery man calls in with another bouquet for Daisy from Justin, her heart sinks and she puts a post on social media warning other women about the DJ. When an angry DJ Teativo calls at the Rovers and demands Daisy take down her damaging post, Daisy’s horrified to discover she targeted the wrong person and has no idea who Justin is.

Teddy comes face to face with the DJ

Daisy comes face to face with the DJ.  (Image credit: ITV)

Michael calls at No.5 and handing Gemma £60, asks her to mind Glory for the day. As Gemma shoves the cash in her wedding fund tin, she can’t believe her luck and decides she is going to offer BSL-friendly childminding services. 

Fiz and Tyrone return home hoping for an afternoon lie down, but the mood is broken when they discover the house smells of chinchilla poo.

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 8pm.

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