EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell fights his rage

Ben Mitchell broods over his fears for Callum Highway
Ben Mitchell is finding it difficult to manage his trauma. (Image credit: BBC)

Ben Mitchell risks getting beaten up when he goes after a group of homophobic louts in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Ben Mitchell is increasingly concerned about Callum Highway advertising the fact he's gay by fronting the LGBT+ campaign at work, He takes it upon himself to talk to Callum's work and tell them that he doesn't want to go ahead with it.

When Callum finds out what Ben has done he is fuming that he went behind his back. Although Ben won't back down over what he's done he's finally pushed to admit that he's terrified Callum will be attacked again.

Later, new bar manager Lewis suggests that Ben come out with him clubbing. As they're about to set off, however, they are heckled by a group slinging homophobic insults.

Ben can't believe it when Lewis makes it clear he's not going to let it get to him and shrugs off the comments.

As Ben's anger over the comments grows, he follows the group, clearly wanting to have it out with them. 

Fortunately for Ben, Kim Fox interrupts whatever he was intending to do, telling him Kathy's asked him to head to the Albert to help her out.

Jean Slater is in an excitable mood

Jean Slater is full of excitement after proposing to Harvey Monroe. (Image credit: BBC)

Harvey Monroe is feeling edgy after being threatened by Neil Hughes. After something happens in the Square, his daughter Dana Monroe realises he's not quite himself and asks him what's going on.

But Harvey isn't the only one hiding secrets and Rocky Cotton has worked out that there's something Dana isn't saying. She makes a confession to Rocky but makes him promise not to tell her dad.

Meanwhile, Jean Slater is in her own little fluffy world of excitement after proposing to Harvey. She shares her big news with Shirley Carter but admits Harvey has told her he's thinking about it.

Shirley is angry for her friend and she confronts Harvey, asking him why he's leaving Jean hanging. What will Harvey say to Jean?

Stuart Highway is in pain after his surgery

Stuart Highway hides his pain after he comes out of surgery. (Image credit: BBC)

Stuart Highway is out of surgery after his cancer operation. Still terrified of getting addicted to painkillers, he tells wife Rainie Highway and nan Vi Highway that he's in no pain at all

Wary of Stuart's claims, VI is convinced he's hiding how he's feeling when Stuart reaches out to hold his son Roland Highway and it's clear he's struggling.

Also, Karen Taylor thinks Bernie Taylor should rest when she reveals Vinny Panesar has suggested she work for him again.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 7:30 pm.

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