'EastEnders' spoilers: Chelsea Fox neglects Gray Atkins' kids!

Chelsea Fox is annoyed in EastEnders
Chelsea Fox has no interest in Gray Atkins' children. (Image credit: BBC)

Chelsea Fox abandons Mia and Mack Atkins in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (at the later time of 9:00 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Chelsea Fox has not impressed Karen Taylor, who thinks her son-in-law's new love interest should be getting more involved with his kids Mia and Mack. She's been so far unimpressed with a flighty self-obsessed Chelsea and is concerned that the kids may be feeling left out.

After Karen's comment, Gray sees an opportunity for Chelsea to get more involved, suggesting she take the kids shopping to buy a new dress for Mia for her brithday.

Chelsea takes them to the market but she's soon bored and starts to do her own thing. Mia and Mack's uncle Keegan Butcher-Baker and their former nanny Whitney Dean are appalled to see Chelsea neglecting the children and they step in. Whitney offers to use her seamstress skills to help fix Mia's old dress for her party.

When a delighted Mia shows off her updated dress, Karen admits that she might have been wrong about Chelsea, not realising that the new outfit is all down to Whitney.

Ruby Fowler is feeling fragile in EastEnders

Ruby Fowler is struggling after her operation. (Image credit: BBC)

Ruby Fowler gets back home from hospital after her procedure. She's grateful for Jean Slater's support and she offers her some money to help her out at home. Jean doesn't want Ruby's cash and instead suggests that she come over to the Slater house for a pampering session. Ruby happily agrees.

At the Slaters, Jean gets out the face masks, although Kat Slater is not so keep to spend some time with the ladies! Ruby, however, is loving having a bit of me time and she confesses to Jean that she never had fun like this with her own mum.

Their time together is interrupted when Jean gets a worrying phone call. What has happened?

Linda Carter talks to Mick Carter in EastEnders

Linda Carter tells husband Mick Carter they need to sort out Zack Hudson! (Image credit: BBC)

Nancy Carter is feeling miserable after getting the push from Zack Hudson and she announces to her family she's decided to go travelling again. When mum Linda Carter finds out that Zack dumped her, she is fuming and she heads to the gym to confront him.

Nancy's sister Frankie Lewis is alarmed by Linda's outrage, as Frankie is still trying to keep her and Zack's hit-and-run of Nancy under wraps. She tells Mick that he needs to go after Linda.

When Mick arrives at the gym he discovers that Linda has fired Zack from the Vic. Not wanting to blow Frankie's secret, Mick feels forced to go along with Linda's outrage on Nancy's behalf. Zack feels really under the cosh when his sister Sharon Beale takes Linda's side and has a go at him as well!

Also, Whitney Dean discovers that Tiffany Butcher-Baker is going to sell a prized necklace to get some extra cash and offers to help her out.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 9:10 pm and will air just after 9:00 pm for the duration of the Olympics. All of this week's episodes will be available to watch on iPlayer from Monday 26 July.

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