EastEnders spoilers: Eve Unwin kisses Suki Panesar!

Eve Unwin kisses Suki Panesar
Eve Unwin moves in for a kiss with Suki Panesar! (Image credit: BBC)

Eve Unwin makes a move on Suki Panesar in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Suki Panesar is grateful to Eve Unwin for listening to her troubles after admitting to her that her abusive ex is due out of prison soon. 

Meanwhile, Stacey Slater is keen to know more after overhearing their conversation and she grills Eve about what she knows. 

Eve agrees that Stacey should tell Kheerat Panesar, as he doesn't know that his dad's about to be released.

After meeting Suki for lunch, Eve feels a spark between them. Not wanting Stacey to muck things up for her, she finds Stacey and asks her to hold off telling Kheerat about his dad.

Wanting to spend more time with Suki, Eve heads to the Panesars' and as things seem to hot up between the pair, Eve leans in for a kiss...

Will Suki respond or has Eve read the situation wrong?

Ben Mitchell in EastEnders

Ben Mitchell has been struggling over Lewis Butler's attack. (Image credit: BBC)

Ben Mitchell is back from his holiday with Jay Brown but it doesn't seem to have helped his mental state. Mum Kathy Beale realises that Ben is still struggling over his rape.

As Ben half-heartedly prepares to take daughter Lexi Pearce to a Pride fair, Peter Beale drops off a box of lost property. When Lexi pulls out the shirt that Lewis was wearing from the night of the attack, Ben is horrified...

Terrible memories of what happened come flooding back and in a panic he locks himself in the bathroom. Lexi is distraught over her dad's sudden outburst but Peter doesn't seem to care. 

Kathy rushes over and she is furious with Peter for not taking the situation more seriously. She insists he take Lexi back to her mum's while she sorts out Ben.

Kim Fox with Howie Danes

Kim Fox has been torn over being with Howie Danes. (Image credit: BBC)

Kim Fox has finally decided that she's ready to move on from her late ex Vincent Hubbard and make a go of things with Howie Danes. 

Despite the fact they've only just started dating, Kim's soon boasting about her new relationship to her family!

Denise Fox and Patrick Trueman are slightly confused, however, by how Kim is behaving around Howie.

Is there something she's hiding from her new squeeze?

EastEnders continues on BBC Two during Wimbledon on Monday at 7:30 pm.