'EastEnders' spoilers: Gray Atkins gets a sinister message

Gray Atkins gets an email in EastEnders
Gray Atkins is horrified when he's trolled via email. (Image credit: BBC)

Gray Atkins is unnerved when he discovers someone is targeting him in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Gray Atkins is horrified when he gets an email from 'Chantelle'. Although it clearly can't be from his murdered wife, he is feeling rattled, as email after email drop into his inbox. 

Gray tells Eve Unwin that he's being trolled and she tries to reassure him, telling him to ignore them. Gray however, wants to get to the bottom of the malicious emails and he opens up to Kheerat Panesar about what's been happening.

It's not long before his troll steps things up a gear after he gets another message which leads him to open his front door where he makes a chilling discovery.

Unknown to Gray, it's clear who is targeting him, as Kheerat hides just out of sight and watches on.

Stacey Slater worries about Jean Slater in EastEnders

Stacey Slater is concerned about her mum Jean Slater. (Image credit: BBC)

Stacey Slater is frustrated trying to get hold of her mum Jean Slater, who seems to have gone awol. She's shocked when Jean waltzes into the cafe like nothing is wrong.

Concerned that Jean may be off her meds again, she contacts her doctor behind her back. Later, Jean gets a call from the doctor and is fuming.

She accuses Stacey of sticking her nose in where it's not wanted and Stacey is left without a leg to stand on. Feeling bad for upsetting her mum, Stacey offers her an olive branch but will Jean forgive her?

Will Mitchell feels intimidated in EastEnders

Jada Lennox struggles in her new job. (Image credit: BBC)

Jada Lennox heads out for another day in her new job at the salon and she's sent out on a coffee run. When she bumps into Will Mitchell, it's clear she's making him nervous!

Later, Jada's mates turn up and want her to spend time with them but she regretfully tells them that she's working.

When the till is down at the salon it doesn't take long for it to be revealed that Jada has made a mistake. Already struggling with her self confidence, Jada gets defensive, leaving Denise Fox to wonder if the teen can cope with the job.

Also, Mick Carter collects sponsorship for his upcoming charity boxing match.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7:30 pm.

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