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EastEnders spoilers: Is Frankie Lewis in danger?

Frankie Lewis goes clubbing
Frankie Lewis is unaware her night out clubbing is about to get scary. (Image credit: BBC)

Frankie Lewis is left terrified when she goes out clubbing in Wednesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Frankie Lewis is mortified about the horrible social media video of her uploaded by Denzel Danes, Nugget Gulati and Amy Mitchell. After complaining to Head Mr Morden, she expects to get some justice but she's left unsatisfied with his response.

To take her mind off things, Frankie decides to go out clubbing with Lola Pearce, Felix and Finlay Baker, Dotty Cotton, Vinny Panesar and Whitney Dean.

She's having a great time doing her thing on the dancefloor until a stranger gets a little too 'handy'. The guy approaches her and despite her making it clear she's not interested in his attention.

Things start to get even more worrying when the man keeps hassling her and then tries to kiss her. 

Feeling shaken, Frankie has had enough of the club and she decides to go home. Lola offers to go back with Frankie but she assures her friend that she'll be fine on her own. 

Is she in danger?

Honey Mitchell has words with Billy Mitchell

Honey Mitchell insists that Billy Mitchell set things straight with his ex Little Mo Slater (Image credit: BBC)

Billy Mitchell is still in shock after Freddie Slater's appearance on the Square, as he's obviously under the impression that Billy is his father! 

Although Billy was with Little Mo at the time he was conceived, Freddie was the product of a rape after Little Mo's supposed 'friend' Graham Foster attacked her.

Honey Mitchell can't believe that Freddie doesn't know the truth and she insists that Billy contact Little Mo and advise her to break the news to Freddie abouthis real dad.

It's a huge can of worms to open up... Will Billy do as Honey asks?

Phil Mitchell discovers all from Keeble

Phil Mitchell has been struggling with the threats from Keeble. (Image credit: BBC)

Phil Mitchell realises that he is really in a HUGE mess with Keeble. After he agreed to go grass to be let out of prison, he was confident that he'd be able to give her the run around. 

But with her threatening his future with fiancee Kat Slater, he's been backed into a corner. 

Can Phil outmanoeuvre his nemesis or will Keeble finally get one over on the great Phil Mitchell once and for all?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Thursday at 7:30 pm.