EastEnders spoilers: Janine Butcher plots against Linda!

Janine Butcher is not happy to be sharing the bar with Linda Carter
Janine Butcher tries to tempt Linda Carter with booze. (Image credit: BBC)

Janine Butcher vows to push Linda Carter out of the Vic in Wednesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Janine Butcher is filled with jealousy to see Mick Carter's ex-wife back behind the bar. In a bid to get her out of her hair, Janine tells Mick that Linda Carter could put his son Ollie Carter in jeopardy if she falls off the wagon.

Mick is easily swayed by Janine's feigned concerns and he tried to talk to his alcoholic ex about being behind the bar. 

Not sure it's enough to get rid of her, when Nancy Carter and Zack Hudson reveal they've found a restaurant to buy, Janine tries to tempt Linda with booze by opening a bottle of celebratory champagne.

It seems that all Janine's plotting to get what she wants with Mick might about to become unravelled, however... 

Mick finds out from Billy Mitchell that Janine's been overly candid with him about their sex life and he is fuming!

Harvey Monroe is shocked when he sees Jean Slater's wedding dress

Harvey Monroe realises Jean Slater's unwell after seeing her dress. (Image credit: BBC)

Harvey Monroe is in bits after finding out that his convict son Aaron Monroe was rushed from prison to hospital and his life is now in the balance. When he shares the terrifying news with fiance Jean Slater, instead of comforting him she doesn't seem to care!

Things take an even more alarming turn when Harvey actually gets to see the wedding dress that Jean has bought for their upcoming nuptials and it's ridiculously over-the-top. FINALLY it dawns on Harvey that what Stacey Slater has been saying about her mum all along is right... Jean is not well.

In a real pickle, Harvey tells Jean he wants to slow things down, as he's got to focus on his son right now. Jean is hopping mad with rage at the thought of the wedding being put back and she turns up at the Slaters with her bags.

Her daughter is flooded with relief to see her, as Stacey is desperately worried about her mum's increasingly manic behaviour over the last few months and she wants to keep an eye on her. 

But it seems Jean is not about to give up on getting her happy ever after...

Bernie Taylor has found it difficult since giving up baby Roland

Bernie Taylor has tried to distance herself from baby Roland since handing him to the Highways. (Image credit: BBC)

Rainie Highway is struggling to look after baby Roland as having a new born isn't easy! Not only that she's getting no help whatsoever from husband Stuart Highway, who has been strangely reticent to have anything to do with their son.

Not feeling like she can push Stuart too hard as he's going through his cancer treatment, Rainie realises that she needs someone to help out. She turns to her surrogate Bernie Taylor and asks her to take Roland for a while.

Will Bernie agree or will she find it too upsetting to look after the baby she had to give away to the Highways?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Thursday at 7:30 pm.