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EastEnders spoilers: Jean Slater has a secret — Big Mo!

Jean Slater is staying with Big Mo in the caravan park
Jean Slater has been staying with Mo Harris! (Image credit: BBC)

Jean Slater reveals a familiar face to Stacey Slater in Wednesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Jean Slater is a rabbit in the headlights after being caught out at the caravan park by daughter Stacey Slater! Instead of giving Stacey some answers about why she was working as a waitress, she tries to escape.

Kheerat Panesar manages to convince Jean to talk things through with Stacey and explain exactly why she's at the caravan park without telling her.

There's another shock in store, however, as Jean is with Big Mo Harris! The former Albert Square resident hasn't been seen since waltzing off on a cruise last year.

Wanting to know why Jean is with Mo instead of staying with friends, as she'd agreed, Jean is evasive. As Stacey tries to persuade Jean to come home to Walford, it's soon clear that Jean is worried that everyone's been gossiping about her.

Her bipolar episode was pretty explosive and she explains that she's ashamed of the way she behaved. Stacey tries to soothe her fears but Jean is insistent that she can never go back to the Square.

Can Stacey talk her round?

Stacey Slater and Kheerat Panesar are served by Jean Slater in the restaurant

Kheerat's holiday with Stacey Slater is cut short for a family emergency. (Image credit: BBC)

Kheerat has left Stacey alone with Jean while he rushes back home. He's finally listened to the desperate voicemail left by mum Suki Panesar after she was being overpowered by Ranveer Gulati and realises that despite their falling out, he needs to help!

Meanwhile, Suki is in shock after hitting Ranveer over the head following his attack on her. When his son Ravi Gulati walks in he's stunned to see his dad's lifeless body.

Will Suki explain what she's done?

Ravi Gulati has words with his son Nugget

Nugget's only just been introduced to Albert Square but already he's caused a stir! (Image credit: BBC)

Amy Branning is in bits after Denzel and Nugget's teasing. When Chelsea Fox finds her crying, she explains what happened and Chelsea is fuming! 

A grim faced Chelsea finds the boys and puts them firmly in their place for being nasty to Amy.

It's no solace for Amy, however, as she feels self conscious about the comments they made.

Also, Bobby Beale is feeling miserable about mum Kathy Beale selling Walford East and he's grateful when a sympathetic Dana Monroe offers to meet him for a drink.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Thursday at 7:30 pm. All of this week's episodes will be available on iPlayer from Monday 8 August.