EastEnders spoilers: Kat Slater gets ROMANTIC with Keanu!

Kat Slater has got some advice for Keanu
Kat Slater has got some advice for Keanu. (Image credit: BBC)

Kat Slater is getting romantic with Keanu in tonight's episode of EastEnders (7.30pm on BBC Two. Check our TV Guide for full listings). 

Don't worry, though — she's not engaging in some partner swapping with Sharon. Instead, Kat's feeling bad about being so mean at Bride Club.

Keanu thinking hard

Keanu thinks very hard about what Kat's said. (Image credit: BBC)

In an uncharacteristic apologetic mood, Kat finds Keanu and gives him some wise romantic advice.

And it turns out Kat knows what she's talking about, because a chat with her makes Keanu realise where he's been going wrong.

Sharon's thrilled when Keanu goes all out to impress her

Sharon's chuffed with Keanu's new commitment to their wedding. (Image credit: BBC)

He goes all out to make things up to Sharon and she's thrilled!

Will she be so pleased when she realises Kat had a hand in Keanu's new interest in their wedding plans?

Stacey's worried Theo won't turn up to tutor Lily after Martin's accusations.

But Theo arrives at the house as usual and everyone is relieved. 

Stacey and Martin

Stacey wants to set some rules... (Image credit: BBC)

Stacey decides to talk to Martin about how he's been treating Theo and suggests they come up with some ground rules.

Theo tutors Lily

Theo turns up for Lily's tutoring session, despite Martin's accusations. (Image credit: BBC)

But when they get back to the house, neither Theo nor Lily are there.

Stacey's shocked when she discovers Lil's been rushed to hospital and Martin's convinced Theo had something to do with it.

When they get to the hospital, angry Martin grabs Theo and accuses him of hurting Lily.

But is he right?

Theo at the bottom of the Slaters' stairs

Has Theo hurt Lily? (Image credit: BBC)

Ravi and Chelsea are both torn about what future they can have together. Chelsea speaks to Whitney and Patrick, wanting love advice.

Chelsea wants advice from Whitney

Will Whit have the right advice for Chelsea? (Image credit: BBC)

But will they tell her what she wants to hear?

Chelsea and Patrick have a drink at The Vic

Can love expert Patrick help Chelsea? (Image credit: BBC)

Elsewhere, it's Howie's birthday and he's thrilled when Jack and Denise show up with a special present for him.

EastEnders continues on Monday at 7.30pm on BBC One. 

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