EastEnders spoilers: Lola Pearce-Brown makes a tragic decision

Lola Pearce-Brown in EastEnders wearing a purple tracksuit and head band.
Lola Pearce-Brown has a big decision to make. (Image credit: BBC)

Lola Pearce-Brown has a choice to make about her mum Emma Harding in Friday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Lola Pearce-Brown is tentatively re-establishing a relationship with her long lost mother Emma Harding. 

When Emma came to Albert Square to find her after being tracked down by Lola's granddad Billy Mitchell, Lola was stunned by some revelations about her past.

A lunch with Emma went well, and although the emotions of the past few days have left a terminally ill Lola tired, she's keen to get to know her mum.

Mother and daughter spend time looking through some old photographs, allowing them both to reminisce and find out a little more about what they've missed of each other's lives.

Lola becomes so engrossed with what they're doing that she almost missing her daughter Lexi Pearce's school presentation.

It's clear that it's all a bit too much for Lola, and Billy and her husband Jay Brown have a word with her. 

Realising that she's spreading herself too thin, she sadly decides to cut back on spending time with Emma in order to concentrate on her health and her daughter.

Suki Panesar arranges a business lunch with the Mitchells

Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater have a business lunch at the Panesars'. (Image credit: BBC)

Nish Panesar has been plotting against the Mitchell family, ever since his suggestion of a business deal fell embarrassingly flat with Phil Mitchell.

Following a tit-for-tat war initiated by Nish and his son Vinny Panesar, which saw the Mitchell family taking revenge by turning the Minute Mart upside down, Suki Panesar knows that things need to get back on an even keel.

Nish Panesar feels that he has something to prove after his long years in prison. Now he's back in the outside world, he wants to make sure everyone knows he's taken back his position as head of the Panesar family empire.

The Panesars invite a suspicious Phil and his fiancee Kat Slater round for lunch and things are tense. 

Will Nish and Phil come to an agreement and make a business deal?

Sonia Fowler thanks Reiss Colwell outside the cafe

Sonia Fowler is grateful for Reiss Colwell's help with a tricky situation! (Image credit: BBC)

Sonia Fowler realises that she needs to tell Jed to move out, as her free-spirited new lodger is not really fitting in well with the household! 

It's a sentiment most definitely shared by Sonia's hook-up Reiss Colwell, as he's been desperate to get rid of him, filled with jealousy over Sonia having another man in the house.

With a good-hearted Sonia struggling to find the right words to ask Jed to leave, Reiss offers to find a way to evict him for her.

Sonia is touched by Reiss's support and she tells him how grateful she is.

Will they take things further?

Also, Linda Carter is dreading her first Valentine's Day since losing love of her life Mick Carter.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.