EastEnders spoilers: Martin Fowler is FURIOUS as he discovers Theo's secret

Martin Fowler is annoyed with Theo in EastEnders.
Martin Fowler is annoyed with Theo. (Image credit: BBC)

Martin Fowler is suspicious about Theo and why he's so keen to help Lily and the family in Wednesday's episode of EastEnders (7.30pm on BBC Two. Check our TV Guide for full listings). 

When the teenage mum-to-be lets slip that Theo bought her trainers, Martin's even more concerned. 

Martin wants answers from Theo's old school

Martin takes himself off to Theo's old school to find out the truth about why he left. (Image credit: BBC)

He heads off to confront Stacey, but we all know how well that usually goes. Not surprisingly, Stacey tells him to get lost.

But Martin's not giving up. He goes to Theo's old school and learns the reason the teacher left his job.

Fuming, Martin barges into the Slater house - where Stacey is hosting a tea for Theo - and starts accusing the teacher of all sorts.

But is Martin right or is he jumping to conclusions?

Martin wants answers from Theo's old school

Martin wants to know why Theo left his old school. (Image credit: BBC)

Patrick's worried about Denise as she tries to juggle work with making sure both her family and Kim's family are coping.

Jack surprises Denise at work with a picnic lunch

Denise is pleased when Jack makes an effort. (Image credit: BBC)

Jack realises his wife needs some TLC and arrives at Fox and Hair with a picnic lunch and a bottle of Prosecco as a surprise for Denise - what a sweetheart!

Denise is pleased that her grouchy husband is making an effort. Are they back on track?

Elaine gets ready for Bride Club

Elaine's loving being in charge of Bride Club. (Image credit: BBC)

It's the first meeting of Bride Club! And obviously, all the women are just pleased to be there, enjoying one another's company and sharing their delight in their wedding plans.

Only joking! 

Bride Club isn't the success Elaine had hoped

Not surprisingly the women aren't entirely supportive of one another!  (Image credit: BBC)

Of course, Sharon and Kat are soon sniping at each other, trading insults and barbed comments.

And when Kat lands a killer blow with a totally out-of-order remark, Sharon storms out.

Is that the end of Bride Club?

Elsewhere, Ravi blags an invitation to Zack's party, determined to win Chelsea round. When Chelsea ignores him, Ravi plays dirty, flirting with fellow guest Daisy.

But Chelsea's not taking the bait. Are his efforts in vain?

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.30 pm on BBC One.

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