EastEnders spoilers: Nancy Carter makes a HORRIFYING discovery!

Nancy Carter and Frankie Lewis get a shock at the business unit
Nancy Carter and Frankie Lewis are in for a shock at the business unit. (Image credit: BBC)

Nancy Carter realises that she's been conned in Wednesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Nancy Carter heads to the business unit she's renting to open her new venture with Zack Hudson. But when she turns up with sister Frankie Lewis she gets some shocking news... 

The owner meets them there and reveals that he was told the letting had fallen through!

Meanwhile, Linda Carter reassures Denise Fox and Jack Branning that she's serious about her £50k investment in the salon. The contract signed they shake hands on Linda now being co-owner of the salon. 

As Linda celebrates with the family, Nancy gets another huge shock after a phone call from the estate agents. They reveal that they never received a £50k 'deposit' that she supposedly put down on the let.

It's not long before Linda works out that Janine has played her and, in fact, given the money that Nancy had for the restaurant straight to her as a bribe! Linda confronts Janine and threatens to tell Nancy the truth.

How will Janine get out of this one?

Zack Lewis has been wrongly accused by Jada Lennox

Zack Hudson faces eviction when Sharon Watts hears Jada Lennox's claim! (Image credit: BBC)

Sharon Watts is left stunned after Jada Lennox's claim that Zack Hudson tried to kiss her! 

In fact, Jada was the one who got herself confused and tried to kiss a horrified Zack. She was so mortified when he rejected her, that she tried to cover up her feelings by lying to Sharon about what happened.

After hearing Jada's claim, Sharon kicks a stunned Zack out of the house. Will Sharon find out that he's not to blame?

Stacey Slater is still angry with Kheerat Panesar for betraying her

Will Stacey Slater forgive Kheerat Panesar for telling tales about Jean Slater? (Image credit: BBC)

Stacey Slater is still fuming that Kheerat Panesar went behind her back to tell the doctor that Jean Slater is unstable. All talk of them being an official couple now seems to be in tatters!

Martin Fowler tries to make his ex see that Kheerat was only doing what he thought was best for her and the family.

Will Stacey see sense and forgive Kheerat for breaking her trust?

Also, Suki Panesar is surprised when daughter Ash Panesar returns home.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Thursday at 7:30 pm.