EastEnders spoilers: Zack Hudson punches Ben!

Zack Hudson punches Ben Mitchell
Zack Hudson takes a swing at Ben Mitchell. (Image credit: BBC)

Zack Hudson leaves Ben Mitchell out for the count in Thursday's double episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Zack Hudson is determined to get his car back from the car lot before Rocky Cotton sells it on. But he's really short of cash and when he tries to arrange a loan he ends up disappointed.

Getting more desperate, Zack is not in the mood for new 'boss' Ben Mitchell pushing him around. Ever since Sam Mitchell gave Ben the job of co-manager at the club he's been a nightmare.

Ben continues to mock Zack even though it's clear it's winding him up. In the end he pushes him too far and Zack snaps and punches him!

With Ben knocked to the ground, the staff and punters stare in shock at what's happened. Zack makes a quick exit and is later confronted by Sam over what he's done.

He tries to defend himself for flying off the handle and hits Sam with a bombshell, saying he knows that Ben's been dealing drugs in Peggy's!

Things are about to get a bit too hot to handle for Sam when the police turn up at the club to do a raid.

Meanwhile, Ben isn't slowing down on his path of self-destruction. He takes more drugs and then tries to get in touch again with old schoolmate James...

Lexi Pearce is worried about her mum Lola Pearce

Lexi Pearce makes a mistake about Jay Brown! (Image credit: BBC)

Lexi Pearce spots Jay Brown having an argument with girlfriend Honey Mitchell. After hearing her mum Lola Pearce joke with Jay about being her 'boyfriend' after he defended her honour in the club, Lexi has assumed that they've got together!

She soon tells Honey's son Will Mitchell that Jay's cheating on his mum and a furious Will confides in Jada Lennox. It's not long before Jada tells someone else and the gossip spreads like wildfire!

Jay surprises Honey with a spa break to make up for his recent nights out on the town. But when Ash Panesar tells her that Jay's cheating on her, she's heartbroken.

Lola's granddad Billy Mitchell is furious with Jay and he storms in and punches him! Poor Jay has no idea why Billy is so angry.

Lola and Jay are gobsmacked when they realise that everyone thinks they're having an affair and they soon set Honey, Billy and Will straight over the misunderstanding.

But will Honey believe them?

Karen Taylor asks for Callum Highway's help

Karen Taylor encourages Callum Highway to help his brother. (Image credit: BBC)

Karen Taylor is determined to get Stuart Highway some help with his problems bonding with his son Roland. 

But Stuart refuses to accept that he's got a mental health problem and he tells Karen to stop sending him leaflets on Post Natal Depression.

Frustrated by Stuart's refusal to get himself some help, Karen turns to Stuart's brother Callum Highway. She explains what she thinks has been going on, leaving Callum concerned.

After prompting from Karen, Callum confronts his brother in The Vic.

Will Stuart listen to what Callum has got to say?

Also, Lily Slater has an unwelcome surprise for Kat Slater, Ash Panesar is upset when she's friend-zoned by Eve Unwin and Suki Panesar is oblivious when Ranveer makes advances.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.