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'Emmerdale' spoilers: Diane Sugden is feeling MEGA AWKS!

Diane Sugden in Emmerdale
Diane Sugden is regretting another drunken evening with her amorous ex, Rodney! (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale's Diane Sugden is hungover in Friday's episode (ITV, 7.00pm see our TV Guide for listings).

The drama started when Rodney provided Diane with a shoulder to cry on after she overheard Belle being mean about her management skills at the B&B. Rodney, who is desperate to be reunited with Diane, was more than happy to be there for his ex... but it seems he and Diane might not be on the same page as one another. 

Diane's got another stonking hangover after another boozy night with her besotted ex, Rodney.

But Diane wishes her headache was all she had to worry about - unfortunately for her it is the least of her worries! 

Having drunkenly offered Rodney the chance to move into her place, Diane now wants out of the arrangement but she isn't sure how to get herself out of the pickle. 

However, as she wrestles with her conscience, an injury soon puts Diane at Rodney's mercy... it seems she isn't going to get rid of her ex so easily after all! 


Rodney wants another chance with Diane. (Image credit: ITV)

Bob's feeling pleased with himself. Has he managed to get past Marlon and spend some time with his granddaughter April?

Bob and Marlon have been at war recently over the online bullying that had been going on between April and Cathy. Marlon has made it very clear that he doesn't want Bob anywhere near his daughter, April... but little did he know his shock decision left April in floods of tears. 

Can the pair put their feelings for one another to one side in a bid to make April happy? 

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7.00pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8.00pm.