Emmerdale spoilers: Jamie Tate to reveal he faked his own death?

Jamie Tate to reveal he faked his own death?
Jamie Tate to reveal he faked his own death? (Image credit: ITV)

Will Emmerdale's Jamie Tate appear at his son's christening in Thursday's episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings)?

At Home Farm it's baby Thomas' christening day and his mum Gabby is about to get a huge shock. 

Is she about to find out Thomas' dad Jamie didn't drown in his watery car crash last year?


Gabby doesn't know that her baby daddy, Jamie Tate, survived his watery car crash last year. (Image credit: ITV)

So far no one in Emmerdale knows that Jamie didn't die when his car plunged into a lake leaving Gabby high and dry as she hoped they going to elope.

When the police pulled Jamie's car from the lake there was no sign of the vet and further searches drew a blank. When they closed the case, Kim went into a crazed downward spiral convinced that her son was still alive.

Is she about to find out she was right all along? Is Jamie going to show up at his son's christening even though he vowed never to set foot in his mum's house again?

Emmerdale, Kim Tate

Kim almost lost her mind when the police failed to find Jamie's body. The Tate was convinced her son was still alive… and she was right! (Image credit: ITV)

Belle's all fired up over a new idea and Al's impressed. 

With Al having proved he's not to be trusted time and time again, will Belle remember to keep her ex's dad at arm's length? If Al gets involved with Belle, Cain and Chas will flip!


Al's impressed by Belle's gung-ho attitude.  (Image credit: ITV)

Elsewhere, Nate makes his feelings known when Chloe starts asking about jobs at Butlers. 

As the 19-year-old tries to flirt with the single dad farmer, who she recently slept with, Nate doesn't mince his words when Nate shuts down any hint of anything ever happening again.

As humiliated and hurt Chloe heads home she runs in to her ex Noah who's still madly into her.


Noah tries to cheer up Chloe when Nate gives her the brush off. (Image credit: ITV)

Though Chloe's moved on and has been blanking the Dingle lately, she's touched when Noah tries to cheer her up. The thaw between them gives sly Noah food for thought… What's he up to now?

Emmerdale continues weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

  • Rhona Goskirk - Zoe Henry 
  • Paddy Kirk - Dominic Brunt 
  • Kim Tate - Claire King 
  • Harriet Finch - Katherine Dow Blyton 
  • Eric Pollard - Chris Chittell 
  • Bear Wolf - Joshua Richards 
  • Jai Sharma - Chris Bisson 
  • Rishi Sharma - Bhasker Patel 
  • Priya Kotecha - Fiona Wade 
  • Jacob Gallagher - Joe-Warren Plant 
  • Wendy Posner - Susan Cookson 
  • Bob Hope - Tony Audenshaw 
  • Amy Wyatt - Natalie Ann Jamieson 
  • Liam Cavanagh - Jonny McPherson 
  • Leyla Cavanagh - Roxy Shahidi
  • Rodney Blackstock - Patrick Mower 
  • Brenda Walker - Lesley Dunlop 
  • Matty Barton- Ash Palmisciano
  • Amelia Spencer - Daisy Campbell 
  • Dan Spencer - Liam Fox 
  • April Windsor - Amelia Flanagan 
  • Nate Robinson - Jurrell Carter 
  • Dawn Fletcher - Olivia Bromley 
  • Manpreet Jutla - Rebecca Sarker 
  • Ryan Stocks - James Moore
  • Billy Fletcher - Jay Kontzle 
  • Will Taylor - Dean Andrews 
  • Mackenzie Barton - Lawrence Robb 
  • Bernice Blackstock - Sam Giles
  • Marlon Dingle - Mark Charnock
  • Zak Dingle - Steve Halliwell
  • Mandy Dingle - Lisa Riley
  • Vinny Dingle - Bradley Johnson
  • Liv Dingle - Isobel Steele
  • Cain Dingle - Jeff Hordley
  • Moira Dingle - Natalie J Robb
  • Chas Dingle - Lucy Pargeter
  • Belle Dingle - Eden Taylor-Draper
  • Charity Dingle - Emma Atkins
  • Sam Dingle - James Hooten
  • Lydia Dingle - Karen Blick 
  • Noah Dingle - Jack Downham
  • Samson Dingle - Sam Hall
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