Emmerdale spoilers: Marlon Dingle has a STROKE after getting engaged to Rhona

Marlon Dingle suffers a sudden stroke.
Marlon Dingle suffers a sudden stroke. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale's Marlon Dingle is rushed to hospital in an ambulance in Monday's episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

A huge moment is upon Marlon and Rhona who finally get their acts in gear after all the false starts, and propose to each other!

The joyous engagement takes place at The Woolie where Rhona has organised a surprise birthday party for her bloke, with help from her mum Mary.


Rhona's recent attempts to propose to Marlon have all failed. (Image credit: ITV)

But another huge, life-changing moment is about to hit them – and it isn't a good one.

Realising he's forgotten the ring, Marlon rushes back to Smithy to collect it. But as he's rifling about trying to find it, his vision starts to go. 

The dad starts feeling very, very wrong and as he falls to the ground, Marlon realises he's having a stroke.

As he tries to stay conscious and remember stroke symptoms using the F.A.S T. acroynm, Marlon is fading fast.

Marlon Dingle

Marlon Dingle collapses to the floor at Smithy, realising he's having a stroke. (Image credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, back at the pub, Rhona wonders where Marlon has got to his daughter, and April offers to run back home to look for him.

At Smithy, April's horrified to find her dad on the floor in a terrible state.

As she tries to help him, Marlon barely recognises his daughter.

When April then fails to return, Rhona sets off to round them up. 

To her horror, there's an ambulance outside her house and Marlon is on a stretcher being carted into it…

Marlon Dingle

April is with her dad as he's taken away from the house on a stretcher. (Image credit: ITV)

Marlon Dingle

Terrified April watches on as her dad is loaded into an ambulance. (Image credit: ITV)

Rhona Goskirk

Rhona's horrified to have found the terrifying scene unfolding at Smithy. (Image credit: ITV)

In hospital, it's action stations. Marlon needs emergency surgery – the sooner the better for a recovery.

Rhona tries hard to stay strong for her frightened fiance who can no longer speak and bolts from the room to spare him from seeing her break down.

Will Marlon be OK?

For information on Stroke go to stroke.org.uk

Emmerdale is on weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

  • Rhona Goskirk - Zoe Henry 
  • Paddy Kirk - Dominic Brunt 
  • Eric Pollard - Chris Chittell 
  • Liam Cavanagh - Jonny McPherson 
  • Leyla Cavanagh - Roxy Shahidi
  • April Windsor - Amelia Flanagan 
  • Nate Robinson - Jurrell Carter 
  • Marlon Dingle - Mark Charnock
  • Mandy Dingle - Lisa Riley
  • Vinny Dingle - Bradley Johnson
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