'Emmerdale' spoilers: Murderer Meena Jutla is EXPOSED?

Emmerdale spoilers, Meena Jutla
Meena Jutla fears her KILLER SECRETS have been discovered on tonight's episode of Emmerdale... (Image credit: ITV)

Serial killer Meena Jutla (played by Paige Sandhu) thinks she has carefully covered her tracks so far on Emmerdale (7.00pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

But little does murderer Meena know, there is video evidence of her trying to drown her love-rival Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) on the day of THAT ill-fated survival challenge run by Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits last month...

Meena has been trying to get even with Victoria, ever since the village chef "stole" Meena's boyfriend, David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden).

So after Victoria plunged into a river during the survival challenge, Meena attempted to drown her... unaware there was a waterproof camera nearby filming everything...

On tonight's ONE-HOUR episode of the ITV soap, HOP employee Ben Tucker (Simon Lennon) is frustrated when he finds out he's been turned down for a new job because of the survival challenge disaster.

Ben refuses to accept that he is completely to blame for the doomed event, which led to the death of villager Andrea Tate.

Ben is determined to find some evidence that will help clear his name.

After sneaking into the office at the HOP, Ben begins watching the shaky footage captured on one of the waterproof bodycams...

He's horrified to see Meena attempting to drown Victoria in the river!

Ben calls fellow HOP employee Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) about his SHOCK discovery... unaware that Billy is with Meena, who overhears their conversation...

Things take a chilling turn when Meena tracks down Ben, determined to get her hands on the incriminating evidence.

There's a struggle as Meena tries to grab the camera from Ben.

But when she starts chasing after Ben, murderer Meena accidentally slips on some spilled red wine!

As Meena lies lifeless on the floor, Ben has no idea what to do.

Is Meena DEAD?

Emmerdale spoilers, Ben Tucker

Ben makes a SHOCK discovery on tonight's one-hour episode of Emmerdale... (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers, Meena Jutla

Is murderer Meena DEAD on Emmerdale? (Image credit: ITV)

Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) is alarmed when she discovers employee Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) is drunk while working at The Hide Cafe.

Laurel sends Liv home.

But Liv continues to spiral...

Later that day, desperate Liv attempts to steal booze from the Hide and ends up smashing some wine bottles.

Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) is left disturbed after an encounter outside the HOP with a drunk and dishevelled Liv.

Is troubled Liv out-of-control?

Emmerdale spoilers, Liv Flaherty, Lydia Dingle

Lydia is alarmed when she discovers a drunk Liv on Emmerdale. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7.00pm on ITV

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