'Holby City' spoilers: Can Josh SAVE Ange - and the twins?

Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge plays Josh Hudson in Holby City
In at the deep end: Josh is forced to operate on Ange and deliver his unborn babies! (Image credit: BBC)

As the dust settles following the bomb blast, in next week’s Holby City (BBC1, 8.20pm – see our TV Guide for listings) attentions turn to who has survived. There are serious question marks over the fate of Holby boss Henrik Hanssen, bomber Cameron, and his back-from-the-dead mother, Bernie. 

There will also be concerns over Ange who was undergoing a blood transfusion for her unborn babies at the exact moment the call came to say there was a bomb at the hospital. And now Chloe and Josh find themselves in the unenviable position of having to perform a C-section to save the lives of Ange and the twins. 

Neither Chloe nor Josh has carried out the procedure before, and Josh is freaking out over the idea he’s about to deliver his own babies and that he could lose the love of his life, Ange! 

Amy Lennox plays Chloe Godard in Holby City

With Ange's life hanging in the balance, can Chloe save her and the babies? (Image credit: BBC)

It falls to Ange's daughter Chloe to keep her cool, and knowing it’s her nemesis Cameron who caused the carnage, it won’t be easy. But will a calm Chloe be able to see that the twins come into the world safely? And will the situation prompt her to make a big decision about her future?

Meanwhile, as consultant Max McGerry steps up to rally the troops following the incident, ex-director of nursing Fletch is put in charge of patient care.

First on Fletch’s list is Rich Peterson, the man who ended up in coma after being hit by Fletch for getting too close to his daughter Evie, unaware it was girlfriend Jeni - played by Debra Stephenson - who’d brought them together as part of her grooming scheme.

Alex Walkinshaw plays Fletch in Holby City

Fletch is unimpressed when he claps eyes on Rich again. (Image credit: BBC)

Fletch warns Rich he doesn’t want him anywhere near Evie but Rich makes it clear to ‘daddy’ that he has no intentions of backing off. In turn, Rich tells Jeni he’s not paying good money to be threatened and urges her to deal with Fletch. Jeni then warns Evie that, to keep her dad out of trouble, she MUST continue seeing Rich. Blimey!

Debra Stephenson plays Jeni Sinclaire in Holby City

Determined to keep her secret, Jeni blackmails Evie to keep seeing Rich. (Image credit: BBC)

Already feeling vulnerable, Evie’s then left stunned when mental health nurse Lucky is rushed into the hospital with a serious head injury. Evie had previously confided in Lucky about Jeni’s darker side - Fletch doesn’t know anything about this, of course, but he's curious as to why paramedics found Lucky unconscious in Jeni’s office. 

Phoebe French plays Evie Fletcher in Holby City

Evie's frightened when an injured Lucky is rushed into Holby. (Image credit: BBC)

Fletch’s confusion soon turns to anger, though, when he then checks his mobile phone to find a series of photo messages sent from Lucky, obviously before she sustained her ‘injury’. But what do the images reveal?

This marks a real turning point in what’s been a compelling storyline, as it looks like the net is finally closing in on evil Jeni…

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1.

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