'Holby City' spoilers: Chloe Godard CLASHES with Eli over Patient X!

Amy Lennox plays Chloe Godard in Holby City
Chloe is not happy about operating on Patient X and makes her feelings known. (Image credit: BBC)

It’s judgement day for Chloe Godard as she comes face-to-face with an enemy from her past, when the patient who’s been selected as a candidate for Jac Naylor and Eli Ebrahimi’s experimental stent trial arrives in next week’s Holby City (BBC1, 8.20pm – see our TV Guide for listings).

Heart surgeon Chloe had previously pleaded with Eli (Davood Ghadami) to look elsewhere for a suitable match. But, with everything riding on the trial being a success to put Holby at the forefront of pioneering research, Chloe’s request was denied. 

Davood Ghadami plays Eli Ebrahimi in Holby City

Eli is excited about the arrival of Patient X - but Chloe won't share in his enthusiasm. (Image credit: BBC)

So, while Eli wants to roll out the red carpet and shout about the arrival of ‘Patient X’ from the rooftops, Chloe at first flat out refuses to operate but then realises she needs to put any anger and resentment she feels towards this person to one side and help save their life…

Although the patient is desperately frail, Chloe doesn’t trust them and believes they’re up to something. So when the patient later dies suddenly, Chloe’s relief quickly turns to suspicion. Can she rest easy now they’re finally out of her life? Or could she be in grave danger?

Meanwhile, it’s the morning after the night before and Evie goes into panic mode when a VERY drunk Mia turns up at Holby. Evie can’t afford for Mia to be spotted by anyone who knows her at the hospital, fearing she’s going to blab about their involvement in Jeni’s grooming racket. Mia soon makes herself known, though, when she throws up over Sacha! 

Mia Holby City

Evie panics when a very drunk Mia turns up at Holby. (Image credit: BBC)

Worried about the teen, Sacha gets Mia a bed on Keller, where she can be properly looked after - obviously, it helps that her mum Donna is a nurse on the ward! Evie calls scheming Jeni who orders her to make sure Mia doesn’t mention the parties… Or Jeni!

Debra Stephenson plays Jeni Sinclaire in Holby

Jeni warns Evie to make sure Mia keeps quiet about the parties... or else! (Image credit: BBC)

Evie feels conflicted when Mia confides in her about some of the unsavoury goings on of last night, but she has to swiftly intervene when it seems Mia’s going to tell Donna EVERYTHING! A crisis is averted - but can Evie ensure Mia will ALWAYS keep quiet?

Elsewhere, Jeong tries to encourage Dom to accept his mother Carole’s worsening condition by arranging an imaginary trip to the seaside. And Sacha goes on a date with Madam X!

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1.

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