0121: everything you need to know about the new BBC3 comedy

Georgia Neath as Steph and Adam Mecrow as Rhys. (Image credit: BBC)

If you're looking for short, easy to watch comedy, then 0121 might be the perfect series for you. Released as part of BBC3's Comedy Threesome, it follows siblings Steph and Rhys as they're sent to the headmaster's office and receive some difficult news. But not before they endlessly start bickering with each other.

The series deals with grief, sibling rivalry, relationships and more, and with each episode only five minutes in length it's perfect for binge watching. 

How can we watch 0121?

All episodes are available to stream via iPlayer, as part of the broadcaster's Comedy Threesomes series. On this page you'll also find other shorts including Fully Blown and Hunter. Each one is formed of three short episodes.

What is 0121 about?

0121 follows teenage siblings Rhys (Adam Mecrow) and Steph (Georgia Neath). One day they're called into the headmaster's office expecting to get in trouble, but instead he breaks the news to them that a tragedy has happened at home, and the siblings have to navigate life in the aftermath of the sad news. It's not all doom and gloom though, as there's plenty of sharp comedy to keep you entertained and the complicated relationship between Rhys and Steph is an interesting watch too.

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Who stars in 0121?

This comedy series showcases the rising talent of Georgia Neath and Adam Mecrow, and is their first ever BBC project. They star opposite Marcella actor Youssef Kerkour and Unforgotten's Ruth Sheen in the mini-series.

Who created the series?

0121 was written by Jack Hannon and Charlotte Regan. Jack has produced several short films and has worked alongside Charlotte to bring these projects to life. These include Standby, Fry Up and Cleared.