'21 Day Body Turnaround': Everything You Need To Know

21 Day Body Turnaround is presented by Michael Mosley.
21 Day Body Turnaround is presented by Michael Mosley. (Image credit: C4 )

21 Day Body Turnaround sees presenter, author and former doctor, Michael Mosley, help five volunteers who have all begun to struggle with their health and fitness during the pandemic. Can they dramatically improve their health, diet and lifestyle in just 21 days and reverse any damage done to their bodies? 

21 Day Body Turnaround air date

21 Day Body Turnaround begins on Thursday 27 May at 9pm on C4. There are three parts.

What is the premise of 21 Day Body Turnaround? 

Journalist, presenter and former doctor, Michael Mosley, wants to show five volunteers and viewers at home how it’s possible to transform health and wellbeing in just three weeks by making some fitness and lifestyle changes. 

Michael says: “During lockdown we’ve generally become a lot less fit, we’re drinking more and we’ve put on weight. So the idea is that we take five people who are obese and very unfit, depressed and anxious and see if we can transform their health and fitness in 21 days."

Who are the five volunteers? 

The five volunteers range in age from 28 to 59. They include former keen cyclist Wayne, 28-year-old Chad and 59-year-old grandmother Nicole. 

Michael says: “It’s not as if volunteers have been unfit all their lives. It’s more a case of lockdown has had an effect on their health and wellbeing because they weren’t able to continue with things they loved doing or they have generally become more sedentary. We’ve seen that happening everywhere across the country.”

What kind of problems do the volunteers have in 21 Day Body Turnaround? 

Initial tests reveal that they are all likely to be at risk from conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and chronic inflammation. 

Michael says: "We did VO2 MAX tests to begin with. It's a measure of aerobic fitness, and how strong your heart and lungs are. It's the most powerful predictor we have of healthy life expectancy and is a very powerful predictor of heart disease, depression, anxiety and sexual desire. The volunteers were shocked by the results. In the case of Chad who is 28, he had the aerobic fitness of the average 70 year old." 

After 21 days of health, diet and lifestyle changes what were the end results like? 

Michael says: "I was very pleased  with the results after 21 days. There was a varied response when it came to how enthusiastically the volunteers embraced different ideas and changes and of course there were ups and downs. But I was delighted with the progress they made. They proved that you can really make some remarkable changes in a short period of time and that's incredibly motivating to keep going."

21 Day Body Turnaround starts Thursday 27 May, 9pm on C4 

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