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‘American Underdog’: Trailer, release date and everything we know about the Kurt Warner movie

American Underdog
Zachary Levi in 'American Underdog' (Image credit: Lionsgate)

Few things will get audiences cheering like a good sports movie, and this holiday season movie fans are getting a new potential crowd-pleaser in American Underdog, a biopic about NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner.

Will American Underdog join the pantheon of great football movies like Remember the Titans, Any Given Sunday, Rudy and others? We’ll have to wait and see, but in the meantime here is everything that you need to know about American Underdog.

When is the ‘American Underdog’ release date?

American Underdog will look to tap into audiences’ desire to watch something that can make the entire family feel good during the holidays with its release on Christmas Day, Dec. 25. It will only be available to see in movie theaters when it is released.

On the positive, it does not look like American Underdog will be getting a small, limited release, as the film’s marketing materials say that it will release “everywhere.” Be sure to check your local theater listings when the movie comes out to find out just exactly where “everywhere” applies to as far as where you live.

What is the plot of ‘American Underdog’?

Many NFL fans know the story of Kurt Warner, a journeyman quarterback who had spent time in arena football, NFL Europe and working at a grocery store before he was able to fully realize his dreams of playing in the NFL, most notably with the then St. Louis Rams.

American Underdog will share this story and go deeper into it as it is based on the book Warner co-wrote with Michael Silver, All Things Possible.

Here is the official synopsis for American Underdog:

"American Underdog tells the inspirational true story of Kurt Warner, who went from a stockboy at a grocery store to a two-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame quarterback. The film centers on Warner’s unique story and years of challenges and setbacks that could have derailed his aspirations to become an NFL player – but just when his dreams seemed all but out of reach, it is only with the support of his wife, Brenda and the encouragement of his family, coaches, and teammates that Warner perseveres and finds the strength to show the world the champion that he already is. American Underdog is an uplifting story that demonstrates that anything is possible when you have faith, family and determination."

Who is in the ‘American Underdog’ cast?

Leading the way for American Underdog as Kurt Warner will be Zachary Levi. Some of Levi’s best known credits include his time on the NBC show Chuck, voicing the character of Flynn Rider in Disney’s Tangled and starring in the DC superhero movie Shazam.

Among the key supporting players in the movie are Anna Paquin (X-Men star and Oscar-winner for The Piano) as Brenda Warner and Dennis Quiad (who has some sport movie experience with Disney’s The Rookie) as Rams head coach Dick Vermeil.

Other actors in the cast include Adam Baldwin, Bruce McGill, Ser’Darius Blain, Chance Kelly, Brett Varvel, O.J. Keith Simpson and Cindy Hogan.

American Underdog

(Image credit: Lionsgate)

Who is directing ‘American Underdog’

The directing duo of Andrew and Joe Erwin (aka the Erwin Brothers) are the men behind the camera for American Underdog; Joe Erwin also wrote the script with David Aaron Cohen and Jon Gunn.

The last few years have seen the Erwin Brothers take on many faith-based or faith-inspired films, including I Can Only Imagine, I Still Believe and the documentary The Jesus Music. They also combined faith and football previously in the indie film Woodlawn.

Is there an ‘American Underdog’ trailer?

Lionsgate, who is producing the movie with Kingdom Story Company, has recently released a new trailer for American Underdog. The film shows off a good chunk of the football action and even includes a sound bite from famed announcer Al Michaels describing Warner’s story as something “too good for the movies” — guess again Al. Watch the trailer below. 

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