Best Netflix shows for toddlers to watch right now

Best Netflix shows for toddlers — Benjamin, Peter and Lily get ready for another adventure.
Best Netflix shows for toddlers — Benjamin, Peter and Lily get ready for another adventure. (Image credit: BBC)

Here's the best Netflix shows for toddlers!

There are so many great shows for them on Netflix right now, but which ones will delight, entertain and maybe even help little ones navigate and understand the world around them? 

There’s a lot going on in busy little brains at this age, so here’s our pick of the best Netflix shows to keep tireless toddlers sitting still for maybe just a minute or two… 

Here's the best Netflix shows for toddlers

Peter Rabbit

Benjamin, Peter and Lily.

A good rabbit never gives up! (Image credit: BBC)

A beautiful animation based on the classic Beatrix Potter character Peter Rabbit and his friends. 

A furry ball of energy and curiosity, this Peter is also brave and kind as he navigates life in the forest. There are plenty of adventures to be found but also plenty of trouble too, as sneaky fox Mr Todd, Old Brown the grumpy owl and bad-tempered badger Tommy Brock, do their best to make Peter and his friends lunch.

The balance however between plenty of exciting jeopardy, without being too scary for younger viewers is just right, making this a sure fire hit.

Why Watch: Peter is joined by a great group of friends that will appeal to all little personalities. From brave Peter, to the nervous but loyal Benjamin and the clever and resourceful Lily, each is valued and respected within the group. Peter’s motto, ‘A good rabbit never gives up,’ is also a lovely one for little ones to take away. 

Our toddler says: ‘I like it when they run away from the bad guys, especially Mr Todd.’

Number of Seasons: 2

Episodes: 107

Average episode length: 12 mins


The stars of Octonauts.

Kwazii, Barnacles and Peso rush to the rescue. (Image credit: BBC)

Captain Barnacles and his merry crew go on a series of underwater adventures to help animals in need.

Alongside Barnacles, a polar bear, the team is made up of the brave and energetic Kwazii the cat, kind-hearted Peso, a penguin and medic, Shellington, a sea otter and scientist, engineer Tweek the rabbit and computer expert Dashi the dog.

They navigate around the oceans in a series of vehicles, meeting a whole host of interesting sea creatures in perilous situations.

Also, watch out for the newly released Octonauts Above & Beyond, where the team take their exploring above ground to protect animals at risk on land. 

Why Watch: The tireless team of resourceful rescuers always work together to carry out exciting and daring missions. It’s also a great way for littles one to learn about sea creatures and the underwater world. 

Our toddler says: "I like seeing all the different animals in the sea and Kwazii is my favourite."

Number of Seasons: 4

Episodes: 67

Average episode length: 23 mins

Inspector Gadget

Penny, Inspector Gadget and Brains the dog.

Penny, Inspector Gadget and Brains the dog.  (Image credit: netflix)

Parents may remember this classic cartoon from the 1980s? In this new and updated version Inspector Gadget is still pretty useless as his niece Penny and her dog Brain stop the evil Dr Claw and MAD (his global crime empire) from destroying the world. 

Kids really enjoy that it’s always the clever and resourceful Penny and her loyal pooch that save the day, while Inspector Gadget inadvertently causes more mayhem. This series also introduces the new character of Talon, Claw’s nephew, who is Penny’s enemy but they also have a bit of a crush on each other too.

Why Watch: Penny is a great role model, full of inventive solutions to foil the evil plans of Dr Claw. 

Our toddler says: "He has really stretchy arms so he can reach anything."

Number of Seasons: 4

Episodes: 52

Average episode length: 22 mins

Dinotrux to the Rescue

The stars of Dinotrux

The stars of Dinotrux. (Image credit: Netflix)

This will appeal to little ones who love dinosaurs and vehicles, as the stars of this animation are half reptile and half machine.

The main character is a friendly T-Rex called Ty-Rux who in the first episode has to leave his home after a volcano erupts and destroys the valley where he lives. Then he meets tiny Revvitt, a reptool, that’s part lizard and part mechanic and the pair become best friends.

They team up against D-Structs, a mean T-Rex who has ruled the crater with fear and force for too long. Ty-Rux brings together all the dinotrux and reptools to work together for the greater good.

Fans of this may also enjoy the latest series Dinotrux Supercharged, where the dinotrux are even stronger and more powerful. 

Why Watch: This is all about teamwork and being friends with anyone – no matter what they look like or what size they are! With kindness and cooperation at its heart, this is a positive and feel good show that sets a great example to feisty toddlers. 

Our toddler says: "The dinotrux are really cool."

Number of Seasons: 5

Episodes: 52

Average episode length: 23 mins

Chip and Potato

A super cute cartoon about young pug Chip as he starts kindergarden and has lots of new experiences. Potato is his secret friend, a real mouse that he pretends is a soft toy, which goes everywhere with him.

Younger viewers will love the friendship between the pair, it’s full of laughter and solutions to life’s tricky problems, like getting dressed for yourself and making new friends on your first day at school. 

Why Watch: There are so many new experiences at this age and they don’t get much bigger than starting school. This sweet series guides young viewers through those big changes in a warm-hearted and fun way. 

Our toddler says: "The dogs are really cute and I like how Potato hides in Chip’s pocket."

Number of Seasons: 2

Episodes: 20

Average episode length: 23 mins

PJ Masks

"Because bedtime is the right time to fight crime," sing the trio of superheroes in this fun animation.

Young kids Connor, Amaya and Greg transform into Catboy, Owlette and Gecko as night falls to help solve mysteries and the mayhem usually caused by baddie Romeo.

Why Watch: There’s something for everyone in this action packed series as each of the heroes has their own identity and role. It’s positive and full of adventure and great teamwork. 

Our toddler says: ‘I love Catboy, he’s my favourite because he’s so fast!’

Number of Seasons: 3

Episodes: 78

Average episode length: 24 mins

Paw Patrol

The stars of Paw Patrol.

Pups to the rescue! (Image credit: Netflix)

"No job is too big, no pup is too small," hollas 10-year-old human pack leader Ryder as he gathers his troop of cheerful and resourceful pups to save the day.

This computer animation is probably already a favourite in most houses where an under five lives, but we really couldn’t write a guide about toddler TV without including this monster-hit of a show. 

Set in Adventure Bay each pup has a special skill set and vehicle including Chase, a German shepherd police dog, accident-prone Marshall, a Dalmatian and fire dog, pilot Skye, a cockapoo, bulldog and construction expert Rubble, Labrador Zuma, a water rescue expert and Rocky a schnauzer/Scottish terrier pup who is a recycling expert and handyman. 

Why Watch: The pups are a great team that always work together to solve whatever problem they are faced with. It’s positive and cheerful with fantastic and fun doggy characters for toddlers to connect with. 

Our toddler says: "Rubble is my favourite because he drives a digger… and Marshall because he’s always falling over and he makes me laugh."

Number of Seasons: 3

Episodes: 78

Average episode length: 23 mins

Izzy’s Koala World

Izzy and her cuddly Koala bear.

Izzy and her cuddly Koala bear. (Image credit: Netflix)

An Australian show about young Izzy Bee who helps her vet mum care for sick and injured Koala bears and releases them back into the wild on Magnetic Island where they live.     

The show follows Izzy as she cares for the beautiful bears and takes in rescue cases that are brought in by members of the public. The show is full of fascinating facts and information about these amazing creatures, including where they live, what they eat and how much they love a cuddle.                                                   

Why Watch: What is not to love about real life teddy bears!? The koalas are so cuddly and Izzy is a great ambassador for animal care and habitat preservation. 

Our toddler says: "I love how she helps baby koalas, they are so cute."

Number of Seasons: 2

Episodes: 16

Average episode length: 15

Waffles & Mochi

Michelle Obama and Waffles and Mochi.

Michelle Obama with puppets Waffles and Mochi. (Image credit: Netflix)

The former first lady Michelle Obama stars (and is the executive producer alongside her husband Barack) in this feel good and fun cookery show. Waffles and Mochi are two super cute puppets that travel from the land of frozen food to a supermarket run by Mrs Obama. They jump in a magical shopping trolley to travel the world learning about different foods and meeting inspiring chefs. 

The first episode is all about tomatoes with salt, potato and pickles later on in the series. 

Why Watch: The songs are especially great and there are plenty of lovely recipes, plus it’s delightfully cheerful and educational about what can be a tricky subject – as parents of picky eaters will know only too well. 

Our toddler says: ‘I like that Waffles has waffles for ears! And that they learn about lots of different foods.’

Number of Seasons: 1

Episodes: 10

Average episode length: 27 mins

Pup Academy

A sweet series about a secret academy for dogs that exists to strengthen the bond between human and canine. The dogs are real but computer generation is used to make them look like they are talking, which is very appealing to pint-sized pooch fans. 

In the first episode we discover the Pup Academy is in trouble and its future relies on some new recruits, both dog and human. 

Grandpa Charlie is the human boss of the academy, he recruits his grandson Morgan to help, alongside three new dogs – pups Whiz, Corazon and Spark.

Why Watch: The dogs are adorable and there’s a nice balance between magic, adventure and warm-hearted fun and friendship as the new pups get to grips with life in the Academy. 

Our toddler says: ‘The dogs are so fluffy I really want to tickle one.’

Number of Seasons: 2

Episodes: 19

Average episode length: 23 mins

Gabby’s Dollhouse

Gabby and Pandy Paws.

Gabby and Pandy Paws. (Image credit: Netflix)

A colorful and fun series about cat-lover Gabby and her best friend and toy Pandy Paws. After meeting her as a real girl, she puts on her special cat ears and shrinks down to play in her cat-tastic dollhouse. The action then transforms into a bright and cheerful animation as cartoon Gabby and her cat friends enjoy a series of adventures.

In each episode Gabby and Pandy also go to the craft room at the top of the dollhouse to create something fun. There are endless craft ideas using pipe cleaners, ribbons, cardboard and crayons.

Why Watch: Gabby is a great fun role model and her cat friends are super cute. It’s informative and educational in a really gentle way and we love how it’s full of arty ideas to keep little hands and brains busy and messy!

Our toddler says: "I love Gabby and I love how she shows me how to make things."

Number of Seasons: 2

Episodes: 18

Average episode length: 24 mins

Odd Squad

Young agents Olive and Otto work for the Odd Squad, an organization run by kids that investigates anything that is strange, weird or odd. Their job is to make things right again.

Each episode also includes a maths problem, which might go over the head of the under 5s, but they will still enjoy the adventure and the clever kids solving the mystery. In the first episode they have to solve the mystery of the missing zeros, which is causing chaos in the town.

Why Watch: The smart and resourceful kids are the bosses, which delights our little ones. Also, watch out for the authoritative Ms. O, the child boss of the organization, who doesn’t take any nonsense – think of a terrifying head teacher who’s only 3 foot tall! 

Our toddler says: "They always stop the bad guys!"

Number of Seasons: 2

Episodes: 40

Average episode length: 22 mins

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