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'Bullet Train': release date, cast, plot, trailer, and everything we know about the new Brad Pitt film

Brad Pitt is one of the stars in the upcoming movie 'Bullet Train'.
Brad Pitt is one of the stars in the upcoming movie 'Bullet Train'. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Bullet Train sees for the first time Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock starring on-screen together in what promises to be one of the biggest new movies in 2022.

Directed by David Leitch, who is best-known for Deadpool 2 and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, it's based on a popular Japanese novel by author Kotaro Isaka. The action revolves around five assassins who all board the same titular bullet train in Japan and soon realize that their missions are interlinked.  

Alongside an all-star cast, the chatter about the much-anticipated film suggests it will also feature an abundance of complex and explosive fight scenes, plus a satisfying sense of pace and tension as the train speeds towards its final destination with nowhere to hide and no way off (bullet trains can reach speeds of over 300mph). 

So jump on board and discover everything you need to know about Bullet Train.

'Bullet Train' release date

The film is set to hit movie theatres on July 15, 2022. Filming began in 2020 but the release date has been delayed due to the pandemic. 

Director David Leitch has posted a few cryptic Instagram posts as filming commenced in a range of intriguing locations. 

Hinting that the film is going to be a thrilling ride for audiences as well as for the cast and crew to make, he said in the below post. 

"You never know where the @bullettrainmovie is going to take you! @kmacnjo and I got on board and ended up in beautiful Lancaster, CA with @badbunnypr what a trip!!!!"

@kmacnjo is referring to David's wife Kelly McCormick who is also producing the movie and @badbunnypr is the rapper Bad Bunny who is part of the all-star cast. 

'Bullet Train' plot

Details of the plot are still a closely-guarded secret but so far we know that five assassins board the lightning quick bullet train in Japan. 

As the high-speed engine races across the country, with only a few stops along the way, the five killers begin to realise that their missions are related and the journey becomes a race against time and each other to reach their final destination alive. 

As the picture below shows, from David Leitch's Instagram account, the journey isn't a pleasant one for everyone on board as one passenger is restrained in their seat by a cable tie. Although who they are and why they need tying down is still a mystery. 

It was also reported in Variety that at CinemaCon, a Las Vegas conference for movie theatre owners, Sony Pictures showed the first clip of the film with Brad Pitt's character involved in a brutal fight with the role played by music-star Bad Bunny. 

The pair fought over a briefcase before someone is stabbed in the claustrophobic confines of the train carriage.

'Bullet Train' cast

Sandra Bullock stars in Bullet Train

Sandra Bullock has also confirmed she is on board for the high-speed crime caper. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Leading the cast is megastar Brad Pitt who is billed only as Ladybug. Alongside Brad is Ocean's Eight actor and fellow Hollywood big-hitter Sandra Bullock who plays Maria Beetle. 

Aaron Taylor-Johnson stars in Bullet Train.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson stars in 'Bullet Train'. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Other big names linked with the production include Kick-Ass and Nowhere Boy actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tangerine, Joey King (The Kissing Booth) as Prince, Eternals actor Brian Tyree Henry as Lemon, Andrew Koji (Warrior) as Kimura and hip hop star Bad Bunny in a as yet un-named role.

Is there a 'Bullet Train' trailer?

Not yet, but we'll update this page as soon as there is.

Director David Leitch used to be Brad Pitt's stunt double

Director David Leitch.

Director David Leitch. (Image credit: Getty Images)

The director of Bullet Train, David Leitch, began his career as a stuntman and was even Brad Pitt's stunt double in some of his biggest hits including Fight Club and Troy.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter David was asked about his previous job as Brad's stunt double and how their relationship has evolved now he's directing the megastar?

"It was surreal. There were many times on set where I’d sit there and go, 'That’s Brad Pitt!' We have a relationship and a friendship from the movies we did together. It was really cool to come back in this new relationship where I’d grown as an artist, he’s grown as an artist and we are doing something that is leaning into both of our strengths. It’s something special that you haven’t seen from him or me."

While his wife Kelly McCormick added. "I think David was a little intimidated at the very start of the first week because they had such a different dynamic and relationship from before. It was kind of cute for them to figure out their lane and get into a rhythm and then for them to really form a partnership."

Who is Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny stars in Bullet Train

Musician Bad Bunny stars in 'Bullet Train'. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Born Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, songwriter and now actor. 

His role in Bullet Train is his first major acting job, and we think battling against Brad Pitt in a speeding train is not a bad way to kick off your acting career! 

While not a quite a house-hold name in the UK, Bad Bunny is a global star, in 2020 and 2021 he was the most streamed artist on Spotify.

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In 2020 he released two albums, YHLQMDLG in Feb. and El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo in Nov. He also collaborated with Dua Lipa, J Balvin, and Tainy in the single One Day.