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Celebrity Motorhoming — everything you need to know about the Channel 5 series

Celebrity Motorhoming
Celebrity Motorhoming sees five celebrities teaming up to tour the UK. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Celebrity Motorhoming returns to Channel 5 this week, so if you missed it the first time around you have another chance to tune in! The 2017 series saw five celebrities travelling around the UK in motorhomes, visiting places of interest, sampling local produce and trying their hand at various activities.

If you like this series, you might also like Million Pound Motorhomes which takes viewers inside Britain's most impressive motorhomes, starting with a couple who have a passion for travel and want an offroad vehicle that can handle any terrain!

Here's what you need to know about Celebrity 5 Go Motorhoming...

Celebrity Motorhoming air date on Channel 5

Celebrity Motorhoming will be repeated on Sunday March 21 at 6pm. All episodes can also be streamed on demand via My5. There's four episodes in total, with the celebrities visiting new places in each one.

Who stars in Celebrity Motorhoming?

Celebrity Motorhoming sees actor Melvyn Hayes, singer-songwriter Nick Heyward, actress Lesley Joseph, comedy actress Cleo Rocos and actor Don Warrington teaming up to travel around the UK and see the sights. The five celebs must navigate a cramped motorhome which is very different to their usual homes!

Of course, Death in Paradise fans will know Don Warrington as Commissioner Selwyn Patterson. It's nice to get a chance to see Don in something else as we await Death in Paradise Season 11!

There was also a similar series, Celebrity Caravanning, which saw a different line up of celebrities holidaying in the UK, trying new things and sharing stories.

Where do the celebs go?

The five celebs visit Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Skye in this series, taking in beautiful landscapes and finding out more about these beautiful tourist locations in the UK.