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'City on a Hill' Season 2 — all you need to know

City on a Hill Jackie Rohr Decourcy Ward
Kevin Bacon stars in City on a Hill. (Image credit: Sky Atlantic)

City on a Hill Season 2 sees Maverick FBI agent Jackie Rohr and District Attorney Decourcy Ward go toe-to-toe once more on the mean streets of 1990’s Boston.

While the second series has already aired in the US, it is now coming to the UK on Sky Atlantic and Now. Here's all you need to know about the Kevin Bacon drama... 

How to watch City on a Hill

In the US City on a Hill Season 2 was released on Showtime on March 28, 2021.You can get Showtime as a Premium Add-on with your Hulu subscription. There’s a 7-Day Free Trial then it’s $10.99/month. Prime members can subscribe to Showtime with Prime Video Channels. Again there’s a 7-Day Free Trial then $10.99/month. You can also add showtime via your pay TV subscription — prices vary.

UK viewers finally get to see all the action from Tuesday May 25, when all episodes of series two air on Sky Atlantic and NOW.

City on a Hill… Who’s in the cast?

Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon returns as corrupt FBI agent Jackie Rohr, once again starring alongside Aldis Hodge as assistant district attorney Decourcy Ward. Lauren E. Banks returns as ambitious attorney — and Decourcy’s wife — Siobhan Quays, while Jill Hennessy returns as Jackie’s long-suffering wife Jenny, and Mark O’Brien is back as local villain Jimmy Ryan. Pernell Walker joins as community activist Grace Campbell.

City on a Hill Grace Campbell

Pernell Walker joins as feisty new community activist Grace Campbell. (Image credit: Sky Atlantic)

What’s the plot for series two?

When an assistant US attorney overdoses and ends up left for dead, Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge) suspects his nemesis, FBI agent Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon), is involved. Decourcy orders him to go after the Boston Police Department for a questionable drug arrest at Braxton Summit, a federal housing project. Will Jackie agree?

As series two begins, it’s seems Jackie is as dysfunctional as ever, as Kevin Bacon reveals…

"Jackie's in a car with a young woman, drinking, smoking, taking drugs and driving recklessly through the streets of Boston," says Kevin. "Jackie does a lot of reprehensible things. He’s corrupt, he’s a philanderer, he has substance abuse issues and he's murdered people in cold blood. There's lots that’s wrong about this guy. My job is to stay true to who he is and make sure I humanise him."

City on a Hill Jackie Decourcy

Jackie and Decourcy are reunited when they need each other's help. (Image credit: Sky Atlantic)

What’s the dynamic like between Jackie and Decourcy in series two?

FBI veteran Jackie formed an unlikely alliance with assistant district attorney Decourcy in series one and, as series two begins, it’s very much a case of "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" between the pair. Their "friendship" will be well and truly tested as Jackie, as always, will do anything he can to save himself and his own career.

"Decourcy's very hesitant to get back involved with Jackie again," explains Kevin. "Conversely, Jackie is drawn to Decourcy even without specifically needing him to do anything for him. There's nothing about Decourcy that Jackie can really relate to. But Decourcy has a level of honour Jackie aspires to. He’s young and vibrant, traits Jackie’s afraid he’s losing. Jackie just wants to be around him."

City on a Hill Decourcy

Will Decourcy regret getting back involved with Jackie? (Image credit: Sky Atlantic)

Could Jackie be forced to retire?

In the very first episode of series two, Jackie is asked to retire by his boss at the FBI. But Jackie’s adamant, he’s not done yet…

"Jackie’s sense of power and masculinity is wrapped up in his work; the idea that could be slipping away is terrifying to him,” says Kevin, admitted that the storyline resonates with him personally. "This is something I can relate to, in that I have my foot on the throttle even harder than I ever have. In life, I don't have much of a rearview mirror. I don't really look back. I’m looking down the road and hoping my most exciting and creatively fulfilling work is still in front of me."

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