'Clarkson’s Farm': Everything you need to know about Jeremy Clarkson’s new series

Clarkson's Farm sees Jeremy Clarkson running his own farm
Clarkson's Farm sees Jeremy Clarkson running his own 1,000 acre farm in the Cotswolds. (Image credit: Amazon Prime)

Clarkson’s Farm is a new eight part series on Amazon Prime which will see Jeremy Clarkson attempting to get to grips with the 1,000 acre farm he owns in the Cotswolds. 

The presenter, who’s spent a lifetime driving fast cars for his shows Top Gear and The Grand Tour, will be contending with disobedient animals, unresponsive crops and a global pandemic as he struggles to rear sheep, harvest fields and even keep bees. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Clarkson’s Farm…..

Clarkson's Farm air date

Clarkson's Farm will be available to watch in the UK and US from Friday 11 June on Amazon Prime and Now TV. There are eight episodes in total. 

What will we see Jeremy Clarkson getting up to in Clarkson’s Farm? 

The series will follow an intense year in which Jeremy and his farming team contend with the worst farming weather in decades and also a pandemic. 

Jeremy says; "I quickly realised that when it comes to farming you have to understand soil, weather and science. You have to be a mechanic, a midwife, businessman and a water diviner. You also have to be a gambler. My only qualification is driving around corners, shouting, which is of no use at all."

Clarkson's Farm sees Jeremy Clarkson running his own farm

Jeremy's first job is to buy himself a tractor. (Image credit: Amazon Prime)

What happens in episode one of Clarkson’s Farm? 

First up Jeremy decides to buy a tractor for his farm which he has christened ‘ Diddly Squat Farm’ , in anticipation of its productivity. After test-driving a few tractors he decides to splash out on a top of the range Lamborghini tractor.

What else will see Jeremy get up to in Clarkson’s Farm 

Jeremy attends a livestock auction and  decides to get a flock of sheep. He also decides to open a farm shop and is on mission to sell his own products. These include honey or ‘bee juice’  made from the many hives he decides to purchase. 

As well as keeping chickens, pigs and sheep he attempts to rewild a section of his land where he builds an insect superhighway and erects owl boxes. 

Who else will we see featuring in Clarkson’s Farm? 

Clarkson's Farm sees Jeremy with farmer Kaleb Cooper

Young farmer, Kaleb Cooper, (left) is brought in to show Jeremy the ropes. (Image credit: Amazon Prime)


Kaleb Cooper is a young local farmer brought in to help Jeremy out. He quickly becomes Jeremy's right hand man. He's stunned by Jeremy's lack of experience and incompetence and sets about trying to teach him the tricks of the trade. 

Kaleb says: "I’ve worked those fields every year for the past four years, so I know everything there is to know about them and how everything works. Jeremy and I have an amazing relationship, we have a great laugh but he does annoy me sometimes. He very much got into the whole farming routine. I mean, yes, he was useless at it, but he wanted to learn."

Clarkson's Farm sees Jeremy run a farm shop with his girlfriend Lisa Morgan

Jeremy's girlfriend, Lisa Horgan runs the farm shop.  (Image credit: Amazon Prime)


Lisa lives with Jeremy at the farm and is in charge of running the farm shop. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty and has been involved with all aspects of life on the farm. 

Jeremy says: "We sell our honey, our eggs, our trout, milk from the neighbour’s cows, it’s a really nice little shop. I go over there for lunch, get myself a ploughman’s... how idyllic is that?"

On growing crops Lisa says, "I have ended up learning a lot, largely as Jeremy didn’t have a clue and I’m quite practical. The Lamborghini tractor was fabulous to drive, I’d never sowed crops before, but in that machine, it’s a thrill. But my little Massey Ferguson tractor is even better, it’s nippy, loyal and doesn’t need much attention."

Clarkson's Farm sees Jeremy Clarkson running his own farm

Farming consultant and land agent, Charlie, attempts to guide and advise Jeremy. (Image credit: Amazon Prime)


Charlie guides and advises Jeremy on the business side of things, how to make a profit and which crops to sew.  

Charlie says: "Jeremy decided to literally cut corners in the fields rather than do a cumbersome three-point-turn in his tractor, but that ruined the neat lines and left him without tramlines which show you where you need to spray.

"There were times he’d say, 'How do I do this quickly? and I had to say, 'You can’t'. Once the penny dropped, it was fine. You’ve got to let him work it out for himself sometimes."  

Clarkson's Farm sees Jeremy Clarkson running his own farm

Jeremy has to get involved with lambing and sheep shearing. (Image credit: Amazon Prime)


Ellen grew up on a hill farm and has been a full-time shepherdess for over ten years.  She taught Jeremy how to work with the sheep and how to cope in lambing season.

Ellen says: "Because of Covid, Jeremy had to do most of the lambing himself. So he had to catch the sheep, which was quite entertaining. He hadn’t done a lot of handling before, and that looks harder than it is, but he got there."

Is there a trailer for Clarkson's Farm?

Yes! The trailer highlights the huge task that Jeremy has taken on by running this farm, and that he very quickly needs to learn the ropes if he wants his venture to succeed. Watch as he crashes tractors, clashes with the locals and struggles to plough his fields in a straight line. 

Clarkson's Farm is available on to watch on Amazon Prime Video from Friday 11 June. 

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