'Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion': release date, premise, and everything we know

'Katie Price's Mucky Mansion' - Katie Price in front of her "mucky mansion."
'Katie Price's Mucky Mansion' sees the TV star renovate her home. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion focuses on the TV personality and her family renovating her 10-acre property, often dubbed the “Mucky Mansion” in headlines after it fell into disrepair.

Determined to make it a sanctuary for her family, she’s ready to get her hands dirty and put the traumatic memories associated with it behind her by doing up the 19-room property.

Katie says: “My house has been called the Mucky Mansion in the past, but it’s not that anymore, I’m making it a home. I’m getting my hands dirty and doing a lot of the work myself and, with the help of my amazing family and some brilliant friends, I’m putting the past behind me and rebuilding. My house is a bit like my life, it’s being put back together like I’m being put back together.”

The star has made a number of documentaries before about her life, including Katie Price: My Crazy Life and Katie Price: Harvey and Me, which followed Katie and her disabled son Harvey as he turns 18.

Here’s everything we know about Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion…

‘Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion’ release date

The first episode airs on Wednesday Jan. 26 at 9pm on C4. The star took to social media to announce her new show, saying, “It’s official! #MuckyMansion series one will be broadcasting on Channel 4 in just two weeks time! Save the date and make sure you tune in to see my crafty creations. 26th Jan at 9pm!” 

What happens in ‘Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion’? 

For the TV star, the mansion is full of bad memories and has since been targeted by vandals and fallen into ruin, making it inhabitable. But, Katie is determined to give it some much-needed TLC to make it a family home once again.

Over three episodes, we’ll watch Katie’s efforts unfold as she attempts to create a happy home and try to free herself from the nasty memories.

We’ll see a different side to Katie as C4 revealed that: “From designing the perfect bedrooms for her children to overseeing a kitchen makeover and replacing chimney pots, we see Katie like never before, crafting, decorating and upcycling. 

“We also see Katie as a mum, daughter and sister as well as hearing about her journey to mental healing as she discusses hitting rock bottom and accepting the need for help.”

Katie Price doing DIY

Katie is giving her mansion a huge makeover. (Image credit: Channel 4)

'Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion' trailer

There doesn’t seem to be a trailer available just yet for this series, but Katie has released some sneak-peek clips on her Instagram doing a bit of (pretty chaotic!) DIY on her mansion. 

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