'Lagging' — air date, premise, trailer, and everything you need to know

Lagging on CBBC
Lagging on CBBC. (Image credit: BBC)

Created by Bafta Award-winning writer Dan Berlinka, Lagging is a witty and exciting new show that combines both gaming and real-life challenges and how they shape, grow and develop a team of 12-year-old gamers and best friends.

Talking about the new show, Dan Berlinka reveals: “Video games are escapist — a break from reality — a place where you nurture and shape your ideal character. And that felt like a good metaphor for how we all navigate adolescence (and life in general). 

"It created a space where we could talk honestly about puberty or parents’ divorces or any of the other anxieties we all encounter as we grow up. But it’s also a place of quick wits and laughter — a world where kids know more than their parents — and for me, this led very naturally to a kid-centred way of approaching a warm-hearted comedy rooted in the truth of everyday life. It’s about finding your team and the place that you belong."

When is Lagging on CBBC? 

Lagging opens on CBBC on Tuesday 20 July at 5pm. It will also be available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

What is Lagging about?

Lagging follows a group of 12 year-old gamers named Team SMoRCLe, which is formed of 5 best friends, Sol, Mo, Ray, Cedric and Leah, who all use their unique personalities to tackle quests and take over the gaming world. However, five friends with different personalities can come with difficult challenges of their own and navigating through these missions of life can prove to be a trickier obstacle to overcome. 

Throughout their journey of gaming and confronting the challenges of real life, the group discover the importance of friendship, teamwork, and finding where they belong in the world. Meanwhile, having a lot of fun on the way.

Is there a trailer?

You can watch the 30 second trailer below! It’s full of fun animations, costumes and activities as we’re introduced to each enthusiastic member of the gaming crew and their fun-loving personalities. Including Ray dressed up as a Viking and Cedric wearing a king costume.

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