‘Luxury Christmas for Less’ — everything you need to know about the new consumer series

Luxury Christmas for Less presenters Sophie Morgan and Sabrina Grant.
On the money! 'Luxury Christmas for Less' presenters Sophie Morgan and Sabrina Grant. (Image credit: Ryan Mcnamara)

With Christmas fast approaching it’s time to start making lists and checking them twice. But if you’re not quite there yet, don’t worry, as Channel 4’s Luxury Christmas for Less is here to help.

Episode one of a new seasonal special, presented by Sabrina Grant and Sophie Morgan, aired on C4 last week - and episode two airs this week. 

During the two-part series dynamic presenting duo Sabrina, 34, and Sophie, 36, unwrap the best deals on offer, consult with experts on which Christmas goods are worth splashing out on (half price diamonds, anyone?), and provide top tips on having an indulgent festive season while sticking to a budget.

Here’s what viewers can expect from the two-part special...

'Luxury Christmas for Less' air date

Luxury Christmas for Less airs on Channel 4 in December 2021. 

Episode one airs on Thursday, Dec. 2 2021 at 8pm and episode two airs on Thursday, Dec. 9 December at 8pm. 

Both episodes will be available on channel4.com afterwards.

What is 'Luxury Christmas for Less' about?

Luxury Christmas for Less is a two-part consumer series airing on Channel 4 in December 2021.

Channel 4 says: “With shortages predicted on the high street, and not forgetting Christmas was cancelled last year, we all deserve a luxurious yuletide blowout in 2021.

“Sabrina Grant and Sophie Morgan speak to brand insiders, who spill the beans on our Christmas favourites and how to indulge on luxury products without breaking the bank.”

Speaking to us, presenter Sophie Morgan says: “The heart of the show is luxury for less and a lot of what we find out really does guarantee that. There are so many great tips that we unpack in the show.

“We’ve got Christmas covered!”

Sophie Morgan takes over hosting duties from Helen Skelton, who co-presented the series with Sabrina Grant last year.

Sophie Morgan takes over hosting duties from Helen Skelton, who co-presented the series with Sabrina Grant last year. (Image credit: Ryan Mcnamara)

What products are Luxury Christmas for Less investigating?

Channel 4 on episode 1: “The first of two episodes includes a guide to buying real diamonds at half the price; how to bag designer-smelling perfumes that don't cost a fortune; and where to get this year's finest tasting smoked salmon and the best Christmas pudding. And a look at what you get with cheaper gin.”

Channel 4 on episode 2: “This episode reveals how to get a luxury turkey for less; and the secrets behind supermarket champagne; and also names the high street brand selling better quality cashmere than top designers - at a fraction of the price.”

We talked to Sophie Morgan, 36, to find out more...

How can consumers save money when buying... diamonds?

Sophie: “If you’re thinking of getting engaged or giving a diamond as a present, you definitely want to tune in. We do an item on lab-grown diamonds. They’re chemically identical to diamonds and half the price of the real things. Not even experts can tell the difference! They’re also more ethical and environmentally friendly. It’s quite revolutionary.”

Can consumers save money when buying… Christmas puddings?

Sophie: “If you’re into Christmas puddings you have to watch! Nearly every Christmas pudding sold in Britain is made in the same factory in Derbyshire. Where you start to see price differences is the way they’re matured. We’ve got a nice little hack… You can actually leave your Christmas pudding in the cupboard for 12 months. So, if you buy your puddings cheap this year or even after Christmas, they’ll be nice and matured for next year.”

Can consumers save money when buying… Cheese?

Sophie: “Our expert explains that it’s a false economy to choose cheaper, less flavoursome cheese varieties. This year our top tip is to treat yourself to luxury cheese because you eat less and end up more satisfied if you get more flavour. And don't be fooled by so-called mature cheddar which is only six or eight months old. Instead, pay a little more for cheese which is at least a year old.”

What about alcohol?

Sophie: “I found out some fun, interesting stuff about gin that's a bit of a game changer. An expert gave us tips on how to not spend a huge amount of money on gin, but to make some really beautiful and yummy cocktails. It was really fun. We made cocktails and got to drink them! 

“We also do champagne. My dad’s a wine broker and I think he would be shocked by what we find out. I might try and trick him, to see if he can tell the difference between Bollinger and a Sainsbury’s own-brand!”

Will there be other taste tests?

Sophie: “We're actually in the middle of doing some interesting consumer taste tests about coffee and chocolates. We’ve also been doing taste tests on Christmas puddings, salmon, perfume, party food, and turkeys. I can’t wait to do the reveals, there are some surprising results.”

Sabrina Grant teams up with Sophie Morgan again early next year for a new non-Christmassy 4-part series of Luxury for Less!

Sabrina Grant teams up with Sophie Morgan again early next year for a new non-Christmassy 4-part series of 'Luxury for Less'! (Image credit: Ryan Mcnamara)

Luxury Christmas for Less - Episode Guide:

Luxury Christmas for Less 2021 - Episode 1

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, which means it’s time to go shopping! So grab a pen and paper while Sabrina Grant and Sophie Morgan take the legwork out of finding the best bargains of the season. In this episode they reveal how to get bang for your buck when it comes to planning a deluxe Christmas, unwrapping the secrets of cheaper gin, scenting out perfume bargains and discovering a shortcut to affordable diamonds. They unravel the mystery of the high street brand that’s selling cashmere of superior quality to top designers at a snip of the price! Also on the menu are the best buys for smoked salmon and Christmas puds. Timely telly that’s on the money.

Luxury Christmas for Less 2021 - Episode 2

With only 15 sleeps until the big man in red sets off, there’s no time like the present to get Christmas ready. In this episode presenters Sabrina Grant and Sophie Morgan explain why there’s no need to wing it when it comes to picking up a luscious turkey for less. They also find out if Christmas hampers are value for money. And it wouldn’t be Christmas without champagne, darlings, so pay attention as the experts burst the bubble on expensive brands and make sparkling revelations about supermarket champers. 

Will there be more episodes in the series?

Sophie: “Yes! There are four more episodes in the New Year, which will do different stuff not to do with Christmas.”

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