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Mrs Harris Goes to Paris — release date, plot, cast, new trailer and everything we know

Lesley Manville stars in Mrs Harris Goes to Paris.
Lesley Manville stars in Mrs Harris Goes to Paris. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Mrs Harris is off on her travels once more, as the feel good period film, based on the 1958 novel, Mrs 'Arris Goes to Paris, by Paul Gallico, has been remade for audiences to enjoy this summer. 

Mrs Harris Goes to Paris is about a widowed cleaning lady, Ada Harris, who falls in love with a beautiful couture Dior dress and decides she simply must own one for herself. 

It's previously been adapted for the small screen, once in 1958, with Gracie Fields as its star and again in 1992 with Angela Lansbury in the titular role. 

Set in the 1950s, the film follows Mrs Harris as she scrimps and saves enough money to embark on an adventure to the French capital to buy her very own designer gown. 

Filming took place at the end of 2020, beginning in the Hungarian capital of Budapest and then moved to London and Paris. Featuring an all star cast, the movie promises to be a charming and heartwarming watch that will delight audiences this summer.

So pack your bags and get ready to be swept off your feet by the magic of Mrs Harris…

Mrs Harris Goes to Paris release date

Filming wrapped in November 2020 and the production is set to arrive in movie theatres on Friday, July 15, 2022. 

The stars of the new production began filming in October 2020, as the above Instagram post shows. 

Pictured is actor Lesley Manville, who fans will know best from TV series Mum and who is about to star as Princess Margaret in season 5 and 6 of The Crown, stepping out of a 1950s car as the title role Mrs Ada Harris.

It's just one of the many new movies in 2022.

Is there a trailer? 

Yes! In the new trailer, we can see Mrs Harris feeling down about her life as a cleaner, before making the life-changing decision to save all her cash up and head to Paris to get her hands on her very own Dior dress... 

Who stars in Mrs Harris Goes to Paris?

Jason Isaacs stars in Mrs Harris Goes to Paris.

Jason Isaacs will feature as Archie in the new adaptation.  (Image credit: Getty Images)

Oscar-nominated actor Lesley Manville takes the leading role of Mrs Harris as the down-to-earth cleaner embarks on a life-changing journey to Paris. In an interview with The Guardian Lesley revealed that the film is going to be a nostalgic and joyous event. 

"It’s feel good. Like a musical, without the music. It’s going to look gorgeous and it’s going to be a real bit of escapism."

Starring alongside Lesley, is Harry Potter actor Jason Isaacs who plays Archie, a character we don't know much about at the moment. Iconic French actor Isabelle Huppert plays Claudine Colbert, a senior employee of the House of Dior who after initially being a little frosty helps Mrs Harris achieve her designer dress dream. 

Isabelle Huppert stars in Mrs Harris Goes to Paris.

Isabelle Huppert stars. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Four Weddings and a Funeral actor Anna Chancellor takes the role of Lady Dant, Ada's upper class employer in London where she first spots a Dior dress. Inspired by the beauty of the gown she then decides she will do whatever it takes to own one of her own.

Anna Chancellor stars in Mrs Harris Goes to Paris.

Anna Chancellor stars. (Image credit: Getty Images)

French actor and star of Emily in Paris, Lucas Bravo, plays André Fauvel who in the 1992 film is the accountant at The House of Dior and who is in love with model Natasha (played by Alba Baptista in this 2022 version). If the new version of the classic story follows the original then André invites Mrs Harris to stay with him while she has the numerous dress fittings required for her Dior dress. 

Mrs Harris, in turn, helps André to woo the woman of his dreams, the beautiful Natasha, who at the beginning of the film sees him as nothing more than a boring accountant. 

Lucas Bravo stars in Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

Lucas Bravo stars. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Portuguese actor Alba Baptista (Warrior Nun) takes the role of Dior model Natasha, who first shows Mrs Harris her ideal dress and then helps her navigate the various problems she faces to purchase the gorgeous gown.

Alba Baptista stars in Mrs Harris Goes to Paris.

Alba Baptista stars. (Image credit: Getty Images)

The below Instagram post from Alba shows how much fun she had shooting the film, as she fondly calls The House of Dior, "the office," and reveals that her glamorous character whizzes around Paris in a little red convertible car. 

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Roxane Duran, best known for her role as Adriana Clios in TV series Riviera, plays Marguerite who also works at Dior. She posted a sweet picture of herself with co-star Isabella Huppert. Filmed during the pandemic she alludes to the many difficulties faced by production companies while trying to keep going as lock downs and covid rules made filming a challenge. 

Looking incredibly poised and glamorous in the picture Roxane says: "For a second we were all like... Show is going on and with such a wonderful woman by my side, how could it not be amazing!"

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What happens in Mrs Harris Goes to Paris?

As far as we know the new script sticks to the original story which follows Mrs Ada Harris as she goes on a remarkable journey. On the surface the film is about buying a beautiful dress, but dig a little deeper and it's really about dreaming big and the importance of friendship, love and family. 

The story begins with Mrs Harris working as a cleaning lady in London for the ever so posh Lady Dant, (Anna Chancellor), who owns a couple of Dior dresses. When Mrs Harris spots the garments she is blown away by their beauty and elegance and decides she must own one for herself. 

For the next three years Mrs Harris saves every penny she can and finally has enough money to go to Paris and buy her very own Dior dress. 

But on arrival she discovers that purchasing such an exclusive garment isn't as simple as popping into a regular shop and picking one off the rail. But Mrs Harris hasn't come all this way to fall at the first hurdle, so, with the help of some amazing new friends she sets about making her dream become a reality and helping her newfound friends along the way. 

Who starred in the original Mrs 'Arris Goes to Paris?

Angela Lansbury, Omar Sharif in Mrs 'Arris Goes to Paris

Angela Lansbury and Omar Sharif star in the 1992 TV film.  (Image credit: Alamy)

The upcoming film is based on a novel by American author Paul Gallico, which was published in 1958. It was the first of four books all featuring Mrs Harris as she travels the globe with her unique sense of charm, good manners and kindness.

It was first turned into a TV show in 1958 starring the legendary actress Gracie Fields. It took another 34 years before the book was revisited, this time as a TV movie starring Angela Lansbury, Omar Sharif and Diana Rigg.

The new 2022 version will be the first time the story has been made for the big screen. 

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