My Mum, Your Dad: release date, host, contestants, trailer and everything we know

Davina McCall photographed for My Mum, Your Dad in a pink suit (headshot)
Davina McCall hosts My Mum, Your Dad. (Image credit: ITV)

My Mum, Your Dad is a new dating series with a difference; it's all about helping single parents find love. 

Previously announced as The Romance Retreat, My Mum, Your Dad is the latest series from Lifted Entertainment (the team behind ITV's dating juggernaut, Love Island). 

But unlike the iconic ITV2 series, My Mum, Your Dad turns the focus on a group of single, middle-aged parents. They've been nominated by their grown-up kids to live together in a gorgeous country retreat, all in the hope of forging some new relationships and giving them a second chance at finding a partner. 

Here's what you need to know about My Mum, Your Dad.

My Mum, Your Dad release date

My Mum, Your Dad is now airing on ITV1 and ITVX after premiering on Monday, September 11 at 9 pm. New episodes will air in the same slot each weeknight for the next two weeks.

Who's hosting My Mum, Your Dad?

Davina McCall photographed for My Mum, Your Dad

Davina McCall is on hand to present the new dating series. (Image credit: ITV)

Davina McCall was confirmed as host of the new Love Island-style dating show back in March when the series was still called The Romance Retreat

Davina is clearly very excited about her new role. When the series' new title was confirmed on Wednesday, June 7, she said: “Thank goodness the secret is finally out! I’ve been bursting to tell!!! I’m so so excited to host My Mum, Your Dad — this show will have you so invested in the people in it. Fascinating, vibrant individuals who have lived incredible lives already, with a million life lessons under their belts, as they search for their perfect life partner. But also with the juiciest twist of any show I’ve ever worked on.”

What happens in My Mum, Your Dad?

As we've mentioned already, My Mum, Your Dad is a dating series designed to give adults a second chance at finding the one. 

Our participants come from all over the UK and from all walks of life, and have been nominated for the series by their grown-up kids. The big twist, though, is that their children are more involved than the singletons may have first thought.

Unbeknownst to them, their kids will be watching their every move from a mystery location known as "The Bunker" near the country house. In the surveillance room, the kids will watch every step in their parents' journey. 

They'll also be given the chance to play matchmaker, deciding their respective parents' dating fates and hand-picking who they're matched up with for one-on-one dates.

ITV promised that they'll see their parents "in a whole new light", and teased: "Get the tissues at the ready as we witness the highs and the lows, the tears and the funny moments, of finding love again."

Host Davina McCall also stressed that My Mum, Your Dad wasn't just a slightly different edition of Love Island ahead of its release. Of the series, she said: "I totally get the comparisons - and I have inadvertently called it this myself - but it's really not the same show. The music, the setting, the grown-up kids being involved in their parents' love lives, it's very different. Once viewers see the show they’ll see how different it is. Love Island is great, I watch it with my kids, but this is a totally different show and there is room for both."

Who are the My Mum, Your Dad cast?

Our My Mum, Your Dad cast has been confirmed! Below, you'll find a little bit more info about each of the parents who are heading into the retreat to look for love, as well as the kids who nominated them!)


Monique for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 50

From: Winchmore Hill, London

Occupation: Therapist/Student


Sharon for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 53

From: Sunderland

Occupation: Safeguarding and Welfare Officer (in Education)


Caroline for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 51

From: South Lanarkshire

Occupation: Tech advisor/scan assistant at a private baby clinic


Natalie for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 44

From: Bournemouth

Occupation: Self-esteem and relationship recovery coach


Paul for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 47

From: London (lives in Bath)

Occupation: Owner of a decorating company


Clayton for for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 57

From: Nottingham

Occupation: Pastoral Support Officer


Roger for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 59

From: Derbyshire

Occupation: Postman


Elliott for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 53

From: Essex

Occupation: P.E. teacher/football coach 

Meet the My Mum, Your Dad kids


Taiya for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 21

From: North London

Occupation: Student


Tia for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 24

From: Sunderland

Occupation: Social Media Influencer


Karli for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 20

From: South Lanarkshire 

Occupation: Flight Attendant


Kaliel for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 20

From: Bournemouth

Occupation: Gas & Plumbing Apprentice


Mazey for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 21

From: Bath

Occupation: Student 


Christian for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 35

From: Nottingham

Occupation: Graphic artist/Warehouse Employee


Jess for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 29

From: Derbyshire

Occupation: Network Rail Planner


Zachary for My Mum, Your Dad.

(Image credit: ITV)

Age: 21

From: Essex

Occupation: Student 

Is there a My Mum, Your Dad trailer?

ITV released the first proper My Mum, Your Dad trailer on August 30. By the looks of things, the dating show is going to be an emotional watch, as the trailer features plenty of happy smiles, laughter, and a few tears, too! 

Below, you can also see an earlier teaser for My Mum, You Dad. In it, we hear from one of the kids who hopes that his father will find 'someone who really blows him away', and then we get a brief glimpse at a conversation between two of the parents, whilst their respective children watch on in secret. 

My Mum, Your Dad retreat

ITV teased us with a sneak peek inside the My Mum, Your Dad retreat and The Bunker on social media ahead of the show's launch. Get a look behind the scenes below: 

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