'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' — the new line-up, new channel and everything else on the return of the iconic music quiz

The new Never Mind The Buzzcocks team...
The new Never Mind The Buzzcocks team... (Image credit: Sky)

Featuring celebrity guests such as Suggs, Mel C and Lemmy from Motorhead, Never Mind the Buzzcocks was essential viewing back from the 1990s. Hosted by Mark Lamarr, with team captains Phill Jupitus and Sean Hughes, the quiz show featured top musicians and comedians playing madcap games such as 'Guess the Intro', where the teams perform their own versions of song intros so their teammate can guess the song and artist. Over the years the panel evolved to feature celebrities such as Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Noel Fielding, Frankie Boyle and Stephen Fry 

Now the iconic show is back after another revamp, this time on Sky Max (formerly Sky One), with Greg Davies as host with returning team captain Noel Fielding taking on newbie Daisy May Cooper, with Jamali Maddix as a regular guest. 

"I’ve always been such a fan of Buzzcocks," says Greg. "Me, Daisy, Noel and Jamali are a ragtag bunch and we’ve ended up with preposterous chaos."

Here's all you need to know about the all-new Never Mind The Buzzcocks with some great interviews to guide you through...

'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' air date

The first episode of the new Never Mind The Buzzcocks was Tuesday Sept. 21, 9pm, on Sky Max, and the series runs at the same time every Tuesday after. Its first guests were singer Anne-Marie, comedian Nish Kumar and Little Mix singer Jade Thirwell. 

'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' host Greg Davies

Comedian Greg Davies is a self-confessed music addict, so is a perfect fit for of host on Never Mind The Buzzcocks

"It's a great show. It belongs on television and I'm just thrilled that we get to be the ones to bring it back," says Greg. "There are not a lot of music shows on TV and whilst this might be a bit irreverent and perhaps not satisfy chin strokey, musos, we're still focusing on the music. There are not many shows that are music obsessed in the way that both Buzzcocks was and still is. I've loved having pop stars on who perhaps would normally be very manicured but just come on and mess about and show different sides of themselves.

"I've been a music obsessive all my life, but someone once told me that the sign that you're officially older is when you start re-buying albums that you had earlier in life. And that's certainly been true of me. But that's one of the many joys of Buzzcocks, I've got to meet and hear all these exciting new artists. I saw my doctor last week and he said since hosting Buzzcocks I’m medically 26 years of age and if anything, I look younger." 

* Greg is best known for playing Mr Gilbert, the psychotic head of sixth form in The Inbetweeners. He also wrote and starred in the sitcom Man Down and is the host of Taskmaster. Greg also appeared in BBC3’s comedy Cuckoo which earned him a BAFTA nomination. 

Music fan Greg Davies hosts Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

Big music fan Greg Davies is hosting the all-new Never Mind The Buzzcocks on Sky Max. (Image credit: Getty)

'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' team captain Noel Fielding 

Noel first joined Never Mind The Buzzcocks in 2008 when he temporarily replaced team captain Bill Bailey. The role became permanent the following year where Noel’s team was pitted against Phill Jupitus’.

 "Usually I’d be like ‘never go backwards’ but I’m such a big fan of Greg and Daisy so I just thought, I know this show and I can’t not do it if these two are doing it because they’re so good," says Noel. ‘It’s a deadly combination. It’s like a quite mad tea party."

* Noel first found fame with the comedy troupe The Mighty Boosh (2003-2007). He went on to star as Richmond in the IT Crowd from 2006-2013 and hosted his own show Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy from 2012 to 2014. Of course, he’s now instantly recognisable as a presenter on The Great British Bake Off which he joined in 2018.  

Noel Fielding captains in Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

Noel Fielding captains in Never Mind The Buzzcocks. (Image credit: Sky)

'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' new team captain Daisy May Cooper 

Daisy May Cooper is new to the show and admits to being a huge fan.

"It’s been an absolute bloody dream," she says. "I can't believe I'm getting paid for it, it's mad! I just couldn’t believe it when they said they wanted me, especially because I grew up watching this show. I'm absolutely on form. I’m getting really competitive, especially on the Intros round. I put in my dance moves as well as singing along to the intro.

"As for the music questions. Do you know what? I'm good at my RnB and I'm good at my garage, classic kind of late 90s, early Noughties stuff, I'm absolutely on form.

"A lot of cheating has gone on, I’m not going to lie! My team actually got disqualified, it makes me actually really angry even now! So I really, really care about it. But yeah, cheating has happened. Jamali is the worst at it though, so it’s not just me! He does it all the time and doesn’t even try to hide it!"

As for the some of the guest stars, Daisy has been beside herself: "We had Abz from Five come on, I don't think I've ever been more excited in my entire life. I'm completely fan-girling over him. Greg asked him what happened to the farm he started, and he said, "Well, all the animals died.” Oh my God! 

"We’ve had Bez and Shaun Ryder, that was another hilarious show. Oh my God, honestly, I haven't laughed until Ive cried until Bez and Shaun came on the show. Bez is like a kind of toddler, it's like he's not living on this planet."

* Daisy is best known for playing Kerry Mucklowe in the hit BAFTA-winning BBC comedy show This Country alongside her brother Charlie. She’s also appeared in Avenue 5, The Wrong Mans alongside James Corden, and she will soon be starring in new BBC1 comedy The Witchfinder

Daisy May Cooper as team captain in Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

Daisy May Cooper as team captain in Never Mind The Buzzcocks with guest stars Little Mix's Jade Thirwell and singer Anne-Marie. (Image credit: Sky)

'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' regular guest Jamali Maddix

Jamali Maddix will flit between the two teams as a regular guest on the show. "It’s an iconic show," he says. "I was watching it back in the day when Mark Lamarr did it. I loved it, man. I just liked how edgy it was and it was brutal and there was nothing else like it on TV at that time and it had great guests on. It had guests that you'd never expect, they would have Jimmy Cliff and then also have someone from a pop group." 

* Comedian Jamali hosted the show Hate Thy Neighbour, where he went on a tour to confront hate groups across the world. He’s also a regular on Taskmaster, This is MY House and House of Games. He was also in the 2016 mini-series Outsiders

Never Mind The Buzzcocks regular guest star Jamali Maddix.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks regular guest star Jamali Maddix. (Image credit: Sky)

Celebrity guests turning up in 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks'

The first episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks features comedian Nish Kumar and Little Mix singer Jade Thirwell and singer Anne-Marie. Most of the celebs for the rest of the series, however, are being kept under wraps but we do know that Abz from Five and the Happy Mondays’ Bez and Shaun Ryder will be taking part. Rapper Aitch and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man will also appear. Episode 2 of Never Mind The Buzzcocks saw Ellie Goudling, Youngblud (see clip below) and Tom Greenan featuring.

Jade Thirwell from Little Mix guest stars in Never Mind The Buzzcocks episode one.

Jade Thirwell from Little Mix guest stars in Never Mind The Buzzcocks episode one. (Image credit: Sky)

The history of Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Never Mind The Buzzcocks first aired on BBC2 in 1996, with Mark Lamarr as host and Phill Jupitus and Sean Hughes as team captains. Simon Amstell took over as host in 2006 and Sean was eventually replaced by Bill Bailey. Noel Fielding later replaced Bill Bailey after the show trialled a number of guest captains including Stephen Fry, James Corden and Davina McCall. When Simon left in 2009, a number of guests hosts filled in, including Catherine Tate, Tim Minchin and Terry Wogan. In 2014, Rhod Gilbert took over as permanent host but the following year the BBC decided not to recommission another series. Now it’s now back on Sky Max with Greg, Noel, Daisy and Jamali. 

The previous Never Mind The Buzzcocks team for the BBC show.

First line-up...Mark Lamarr, Phill Jupitus and Sean Hughes when Never Mind The Buzzcocks was a BBC show. (Image credit: BBC)
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