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'Odo' — release date, voice cast, and characters in the children's animation

Odo and his best friend Doodle are bringing heaps of positivity this Summer.
Odo and his best friend Doodle are bringing heaps of positivity this Summer. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Odo is swooping gracefully to nest at Milkshake! on C5 this Summer — a vivid, new pre-school animation about a very self-confident little owl who will be using their reassuring wings and big ideas to try and mend the broken wings of children everywhere as they aim to tackle the rise of anxiety and depression in children. As well as to teach children the importance of self-awareness and belief in themselves.

The unique characters also come with a special style of animation too, combining both 2D and 3D elements, with a striking and warm colour palette of nature that is packed full of light and energy for children to enjoy. 

Along with this, sweet and positive Odo will be approaching important issues such as immigration and racism. 

Colin Williams, Showrunner, Sixteen South says: “Developed, written and produced completely at home during lockdown, Odo is the antithesis to this period, which has seen humankind at its best and its worst. 

"Through our little self-confident owl Odo and his diverse group of friends, we want to gently tackle important issues like migration, racism, inclusion and adoption but, ultimately, we want to show children that, like Odo, everything is possible — they can achieve their goals, while being caring and considerate of others at the same time”.

Odo air date 

Odo will be gliding onto our screens on Channel 5's Milkshake on Saturday 7 August. There will be 52 episodes, each lasting 7 minutes long.

What do they do in Odo?

Produced by multi award-winning production company Sixteen South Originals (Big & Small, Lily’s Driftwood Bay), paired with Polish co-producer Letko, the delightful animation is set around the Forest Camp for Young Birds, a glorious leafy playground where a diverse group of feathered friends, flock to play games and learn new skills, while also having a hoot! Proud peacocks, majestic flamingos, exotic toucans, and funny chickens all form part of this joyful friend group as they play under the Eagle eye of Camp Leader.

The fun-filled animal friends are voiced by a talented and diverse cast, all with a variety of regional and international accents, such as eight-year-old Shea Brady from Northern Ireland who plays Odo, eight-year-old Julia Dillon from Co Laois, Ireland, as Doodle, and British/Jamaican R&B singer and actor Ruby Turner who features in a cameo as Doodle’s Mum, a blind badger with a powerful singing voice.

Although small, Odo has oodles of enthusiasm and personality. Along with his best friend Doodle (a caring bird of unknown species), Odo confronts every challenge thrown at him with confidence and optimism. However, Odo’s uncontainable aspirations can sometimes lead to a bit of chaos! 

Odo reflects the realistic experiences of pre-schoolers everywhere as Odo follows this flock of fledglings, all aged three to five, as they grow their wings and find their way in the world. While also playing and living harmoniously with each other, accepting who they are, no matter how different they can be.

Is there a trailer?

There’s currently no trailer for Odo. But we’ll give you a hoot once one has been released! 

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