Pivoting: next episode and everything we know

Pivoting Maggie Q Ginnifer Goodwin Eliza Coupe
Maggie Q, Ginnifer Goodwin and Eliza Coupe in 'Pivoting' (Image credit: Fox)

Pivoting is a new comedy series on Fox. This new comedy series follows a group of three women who commit to drastically changing their lives following the death of the group's fourth member.

Faced with the reality of life being short, each of them decides to pivot away from the lives they have led by making a series of potentially impulsive and ill-advised decisions. Pivoting won't be easy, but it just might make sure each of them can finally start living their best lives.

Here's everything we know about Pivoting so far...

When is the next Pivoting episode?

Pivoting will air its season 1 finale tonight, Thursday, March 10, at 9:30 pm ET/PT. Titled "Coleen in a Box," here is the synopsis for the new episode:

"Amy, Sarah and Jodie each reach different crossroads and decide to put their issues on the backburner to celebrate Coleen's birthday; the ladies bring Coleen's ashes out for a girl's night that ends in turmoil."

There is no information yet as to if/when Pivoting will be available in the U.K.

Pivoting plot

Fox's official summary for this new comedy reads: "Pivoting is a single-camera comedy about how we deal with life, death, and all the crazy things that happen in between. Set in a small, middle-class town in Long Island, NY, the series follows three women — and close-knit childhood friends — as they cope with the death of the fourth member of their group. When faced with the reality that life is short, these women pivot, and alter their current paths, by way of a series of impulsive, ill-advised, and self-indulgent decisions. These pivots will strengthen their bond and prove it’s never too late to screw up your life in the pursuit of happiness."

Pivoting cast

Pivoting is headlined by Eliza Coupe (Scrubs, Happy Endings), Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon A Time, Zootopia), and Maggie Q (Designated Survivor, Nikita).

Coupe plays Amy, a fearless producer of a local cooking show who is somehow terrified of her own children and lacks a maternal instinct. Her flaws are counter-balanced by her husband Henry (Tommy Dewey, Casual), but her pivot is to become a more active and present mother 

Goodwin plays Jodie, a stay-at-home mother of three who is in a loveless marriage to a controlling, money-obsessed husband. Jodie's pivot is to get back into shape, a decision that leads her to her 27-year-old personal trainer, Matt (JT Neal, Bless This Mess) who gives her the attention she didn't realize she'd been craving for so long.

Finally, Q plays Sarah. Sarah is a successful doctor but the loss of her friend has been compounded by a recent split from her wife. Having lived such a stressful life, Sarah pivots towards a simpler, happier one and begins working at a grocery store.

Is there a trailer for Pivoting?

The official trailer for Pivoting gives us a taste of what Sarah, Jodie and Amy get up to as they take the steps necessary to try and change their lives; Amy is learning that being a working mom is going to be tough, Sarah has embraced her way of life and Jodie is feeling pretty unsatisfied with her husband and starts her fitness journey.

How to watch Pivoting

Pivoting airs on Fox in the U.S., one of the four major TV networks. As such, Fox is carried by all traditional pay-TV cable/satellite providers. In addition, local Fox stations' signals can be picked up by those using a TV antenna. Fox is also carried by a number of live TV streaming services, including FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV and YouTube TV. All of these options can be used to watch Pivoting live in the U.S.

In addition, anyone who subscribes to a traditional pay-TV of live TV streaming service can use their login info to watch episodes of Pivoting on-demand via the Fox website.

If you're outside of the U.S. and interested in watching Pivoting, look into an ExpressVPN.

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