Queen Of Oz: release date, interview with Catherine Tate, trailer, cast, plot and everything we know

Queen Of Oz on BBC1 sees Catherine Tate play nightmare fictional British royal Princess Georgiana.
Queen Of Oz on BBC1 sees Catherine Tate play nightmare fictional British royal Princess Georgiana. (Image credit: BBC)

Queen Of Oz is a sitcom spoof for this Coronation year with Catherine Tate returning to a primetime BBC One comedy. Catherine plays gobby, foot-in-her-mouth Princess Georgiana, who becomes such a nightmare for the fictional British royal family that she gets sent to Australia to become their new monarch.

As well as taking the leading role and having the idea for this new comedy, Catherine Tate is also the executive producer of the six-part series. So it will definitely be a busy 2023 for Catherine Tate on BBC One as she'll also be joining David Tennant again to play TARDIS traveller Donna Noble in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special.

So here's everything you need to know about Queen Of Oz on BBC One...

Queen Of Oz release date

Queen Of Oz is a six-part comedy that launches on BBC One on Friday, June 16 at 9.30 pm, with all six eps available on BBCiPlayer from that date. 

On BBC One the episodes will run weekly at the same time. We'll update this guide with any US, Australian and international air dates when they're announced.

Catherine Tate in Queen of OZ.

Catherine Tate as Queen Georgiana.  (Image credit: BBC)

Queen Of Oz plot

In Queen of Oz, Catherine Tate plays Princess Georgiana who is an absolute nightmare for the fictional British Royal Family. She's a total PR disaster, having spent her spoilt, party-girl life getting into trouble and plastered over the tabloids. 

After one scandal too far, her father the King decides on a drastic move! He abdicates his Australian throne in favor of his daughter and sends her to the other side of the world to rule over the vast country. The hope is that giving her some real responsibility will see her grow up! And if not, at least the trouble is 10000 miles away!

The new Queen Georgina of Australia, accompanied by her useless entourage, heads out to Oz in a bad mood. It's a country she has little interest in beyond the Hemsworth Brothers. Can she rule over the Australians peacefully and successfully, or should we expect plenty of gaffes and cringey moments? The latter is probably on the cards...

Princess Georgiana visits a school where disaster strikes.

The opening episode sees Georgiana visit a school when she's severely hungover.  (Image credit: BBC)

Watch the trailer for the Queen of Oz

Queen Of Oz cast — Catherine Tate as Princess Georgiana

Catherine Tate plays the Queen Of Oz, aka petulant Princess Georgiana. 

The British comedy performer is best known for The Catherine Tate Show and for starring as Donna Noble in Doctor Who. In 2022 Catherine starred as six different characters in the prison comedy Hard Cell on Netflix

David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Doctor Who.

David Tennant with Catherine Tate in Doctor Who. (Image credit: BBC)

Hard Cell Catherine Tate.

Catherine Tate as the six characters in Hard Cell on Netflix. (Image credit: Netflix)


How did the premise for the comedy series come about? 

Catherine says, "The idea came from a Canadian producer called Borga Dorta who got in touch with me and said he wanted to make a show about a minor member of a royal family who gets sent to Canada. I loved the idea and we pitched it to Canadian TV studios but we’re still waiting to hear back!  That was four years ago! We decided it might be better situated in Australia so that’s how it came to be Queen Of Oz and not Queen of Canada!" 

What kind of person is Georgiana? 

"She’s spoilt and rude but at her core she’s also fun and anarchic. She’s spent her life going to parties and not having any real responsibilities so she's in shock when she’s packed off kicking and screaming to Australia. She also smokes a lot. I don’t smoke in real life so I got through a lot of herbal cigarettes during filming! She’s entirely fictitious. I wasn’t channelling any particular Royals when I created her." 

Georgiana shouting at her personal assistant, Matthew.

Georgiana is vile to her staff including her personal assistant, Matthew.  (Image credit: BBC)

What can you tell us about some of your costars on this series?

"We really lucked out with our cast because they were all absolutely brilliant. One of my stipulations was that I worked with Niky Wardley, (Niky and Catherine met 20 years ago and worked together on The Catherine Tate Show). I wouldn’t do the show without her because she is my creative rock. We’re on the same wavelength and there’s a shorthand that we’ve always had."

Did you get recognised by fans while shooting over in Australia? 

"I did and I genuinely had no idea that there was a fan base over there. As well as my comedy shows,  I was in the American version of The Office, which has become popular internationally so people know me from that. And then of course sci-fi fans know me from Doctor Who. I’m still surprised though when people meet me and want me to be ‘Nan’ (Catherine’s potty-mouthed comedy creation) and swear at them."

Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of a Royal? 

"How often do you think I get to meet the Royal family?! Thankfully no, but I’m sure if I did it would be devastating. I once met the Queen after the Royal Variety Show when everyone lined up to shake her hand. She was very gracious and engaged which is  no mean feat when you think how many of us she had to meet."

Georgiana's staff Down Under include a new Director of Communications called Zoe.

Georgiana's staff Down Under include a new Director of Communications, Zoe. (right).  (Image credit: BBC)

In a parallel universe how do you think you’d fare being a member of the Royal family?

"I think I’d fare a bit like Georgie does! I can imagine nothing worse than having to dedicate your life to the public and your every move being scrutinized. I think it would be extremely difficult although if I was born into it I guess I would have a bit of a head start."

Are there any plans afoot for a second series of Queen of Oz? 

"You always plan ahead and there’s a three-series arc. This series ends on a cliffhanger but it won’t be my decision. I’m very unsentimental. If it doesn’t get a second series then fine and if it does, great!"

Behind the scenes, filming news and more about Queen Of Oz

Filming for Queen Of Oz  took place in Australia in 2022 and the show is being produced in association with ABC Australia. 

The series took six moths to film and some scenes were shot in the outback while historic Sydney mansion, Swifts, doubles as the fictional Australian palace called Macquarie House in the show. 

Catherine executive produced alongside Michele Bennett (Mr Inbetween) and executive producer for Lingo, Helen Bowden (The Secrets She Keeps, Lambs of God). Christiaan Van Vuuren (A Sunburnt Christmas) is director.

Jon Petrie, Director of BBC Comedy, says: “It’s time to roll out the red carpet. And hang up the bunting again. We’re excited to have the multi-award-winning Catherine Tate back making another comedy for the BBC. Her work has been enjoyed by millions over the years and we look forward to working with her on another hit for us.”

Producer Michele Bennett says: “Catherine Tate is such a superb talent and the team at Lingo Pictures couldn’t be more delighted to be working with her on this fabulously witty series. We know that British and Australians, as well as audiences around the world, are going to love this riotous take on royalty in Australia.”

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