'Sitting On A Fortune' - Everything you need to know about Gary Lineker's new ITV game show

Sitting On A Fortune
Sitting On A Fortune will be Gary Lineker's first collaboration with ITV (Image credit: Getty)

Gary Lineker will be Sitting On A Fortune as the host of a "unique new high stakes" ITV game show, in which six contestants will battle for the chance to win a cash prize of up to £100,000. 

The former England captain is best known for hosting Match of the Day, which he has done since 1999. He has also presented BT Sport's UEFA Champions League coverage until he stepped down from that role this summer. 

Sitting On A Fortune will be his first full collaboration with ITV and features no lifelines, safety nets, or chances to walk away, meaning players must risk everything on getting the right answer in the hope of taking home the big prize. Here's everything we know about the new series...

When is 'Sitting On A Fortune' on ITV?

Sitting On A Fortune will begin on Sunday 7th November at 7pm on ITV. 

What are the rules of 'Sitting On A Fortune'? 

The game show will see six contestants vying for the chance to win a cash prize of up to £100,000, with no runners-up prizes. A statement from ITV reads...

"In a unique twist, players take to the stage and position themselves in a row of seats, one behind another. Where you sit makes all the difference as only the player in the chair at the head of the line gets the chance to answer questions, stay in the game and have the chance of winning the jackpot.

"One wrong answer sees a player relegated to the back of the line and in real danger of leaving with nothing and someone else moves up to take pole position. One player’s success could instantly be another player’s ruin.

"With the jackpot mounting, there can be only one winner. Who can stay in the hot seat long enough to take away up to £100,000? In this show, there really can only be one player left sitting on a fortune."

Here's a quick guide to the show's format...

- Sitting On A Fortune is a general knowledge quiz played with six contestants.  

- Contestants sit in chairs behind each other on the set. Only the contestant in the front chair (money chair) answers the questions.  

- Each time a contestant gets a question right, they remain in the money chair, but a wrong answer means they move to the back of the line and all other contestants move up one place towards the front.

- Each qualifier round has a ‘target’ number of correct answers.  The contestant who gives the last correct answer in that round wins.

- There are three qualifier rounds in the show and the winner of each plays in The Final.

- The Final is played by three contestants and there are seven questions. Whoever is sitting in the money chair for the seventh and final question will have the chance to win the jackpot.  

- The jackpot starts off at £100,000 and reduces by £10,000 with every incorrect answer given.  

- The contestant in the back chair chooses the category for the contestant in the front chair.

- Contestants in the back chair face a dilemma in that they may want to help the contestant in the front, as correct answers keep the jackpot high, but they also may want to hinder, as a wrong answer means they move up a position and become closer to the money chair themselves. 

What does Gary Lineker have to say about 'Sitting On A Fortune'?

"I'm absolutely delighted to be hosting what I think and hope will be a show that people love. It’s going to be full of tension with high stakes and bags of drama from start to finish — everything a great game show should be. I can't wait for the viewers at home to experience the fun and the excitement of Sitting On A Fortune."

Meanwhile, Glenn Hugill, Managing Director of the show's producers, Possessed, says: "This is a game with no gimmicks, no lifelines, and nowhere to hide. It’s all about trusting your gut instinct to pick the perfect place in the line and backing yourself to get every question right. 

"Anyone who’s ever chosen the correct queue at the supermarket or the airport will know the euphoria of getting that decision right! Gary knows a thing or two about a high-pressure knockout competition and so is the perfect host for a show where you have to put it all on the line."

Is there a 'Sitting On A Fortune' trailer?

There's no trailer available at the moment, but we'll be sure to post it here as soon as it lands. 

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