Sort Your Life Out season 4: next episode, hosts, experts, families and everything we know

Stacey Solomon hosts Sort Your Life Out season 4
Stacey Solomon is back for a fourth series of Sort Your Life Out (Image credit: BBC1)

Sort Your Life Out season 4 sees Stacey Solomon and her crack team of experts back giving more cluttered family homes across the UK a supersized spring clean.

The series continues this Tuesday (April 2) at 9 pm with Stacey and her gang
helping the Wellen family declutter and reorganise their home to create space for them to foster a child. 

In the process the family discover 306 soft toys, 124 towels, 106 spanners and 189 out of date food items. Mother Shirley struggles to let go of her adopted daughters' childhood items for fear of losing precious memories and father Martin faces the same challenges, having grown up in a home where nothing was thrown away. 

Carpenter Rob upcycles an old wardrobe to create almost double the storage space while Iwan gives the home a supersize spring clean. Dilly reorganises Martin and Shirley's bedroom which has stayed the same for the last 40 years.

Here's everything we know about the series...

Sort Your Life Out season 4 release date

The popular home makeover show returned to BBC One on Tuesday, February 20. 

The next episode, which is the last in the series airs on Tuesday, April 2 at 9 pm.  

If you missed any episodes, you can watch them now on iPlayer. The previous three series are also available to watch there.

Who’s the host?

National treasure Stacey Solomon is back to help families living in chaos get their house in order… literally! Now in its fourth series, a trademark feature of Sort Your Life Out is the giant warehouse where all of a family’s belongings are neatly displayed — and where Stacey helps families go through their worldly possessions to decide what they should "sell", "donate" or "throw". 

“We pride ourselves on the layout of the warehouse,” enthuses Stacey. “This stuff is often hidden in the corners of people’s homes, so bringing it together and lining it all up in the warehouse is always satisfying.”

Who are the experts? 

Stacey is once again joined by a host of experts to give these family homes a much-needed glow-up. Helping them to declutter, is organiser and tidying extraordinaire Dilly Carter, with carpenter Robert Bent coming up with genius storage solutions and upcycling ideas for those on a tight budget. Specialist cleaner Iwan Carrington is on hand to give the homes a supersized spring clean. 

Sort Your Life Out presenter Stacey with experts Rob, Dilly and Iwan

Stacey alongside her 'Glow-up gurus' Rob, Dilly and Iwan. (Image credit: BBC1)

In the first episode, we meet single dad Craig, who’s been bringing up his young daughters, Merywen, six, and Wren, four, after their mum Lois died of cancer four years ago…

"These families let us into their homes when they're at their worst point; they’re embarrassed, ashamed and at their most vulnerable. It's a privilege to be invited in and we’re not here to judge, we’re here to help,” explains Stacey. "Our first family is suffering the grief of losing a wife and mother. I’m a sympathiser, so I tend to take on the families’ more sentimental items, which are much harder to let go of due to the emotional attachment. I know there’s lots I’d keep myself!"

Sounds like Stacey needs to call in reinforcements?

With the families encouraged to let go of 50% of their belongings, Stacey and the team have to be ruthless. And that’s where expert organiser Dilly comes in…

“Every Day 2 of the warehouse sort, Dilly has a go at me because I've hardly got rid of anything,” says Stacey. “Dilly’s incredibly practical, whereas I'm really emotional — she’ll hold onto a really useful tool for the house, I’ll want to keep a box of teeth!”

Stacey and the team with craig and family

Craig's grateful to Stacey and the team for helping him and his daughters, Merywen and Wren after losing mum Lois. (Image credit: BBC1)

Does Stacey enjoy getting involved in DIY on the show?

Oh yes! The host loves getting to roll her sleeves up to lend a hand in the makeovers. 

“I find making things really therapeutic and feel that, by contributing, a little bit of me is left in someone else's home, so it feels personal,” says Stacey, who admits her skills don’t always match her enthusiasm… 

"In one show, we’re turning a family’s garage into a dance studio for their two daughters and I wanted to make a neon sign that involved stapling flower panels onto one of the family’s old photo frames. I thought it’d look cool, so I put it on the workbench and started stapling. When it was done, I went to pick it up to put it on the wall... and I'd stapled it to the workbench! I'm certain that'll make the edit — the producers like to keep my feet on the ground.”

Is Stacey organised in her own life?

As a mum-of-five with a busy TV career, Stacey has little choice but to be organised — but admits even she can have an off day.

“I LOVE being organised but even I have rooms in my house that look like they belong to Great Expectations’ Miss Havisham,” she says. “So I’ll always be kind because I know it could easily be me. That said, as a working mum of five kids, being meticulously organised is a necessity for me - I can’t function without it!

“I only really became organised when I had my eldest son, [16-year-old] Zachary. I was 17 and went from being a carefree teenager to having a child who depended on me, plus I was doing my A-Levels at college and had a part-time job. I knew if I wasn't organised, I couldn't collect my social security giro or milk vouchers, or get Zachary in and out of nursery on time, as only a certain amount of childcare hours were free. Without being organised, I would not have survived, passed my A-Levels… or kept my baby alive!”

Is there a trailer for Sort Your Life Out Series 4?

There is...

How do you apply to be on Sort Your Life Out?

Good news the makers are "currently looking for families or shared households across the UK to take part in a new series and are keen to speak to people from all walks of life, with varying backgrounds and experiences, who may need a helping hand decluttering and organising their home".

More info and an online application form can be found here.

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