Springwatch 2022: air date, locations, wildlife, presenters, interviews and all you need to know

Springwatch 2022 will focus on the fascinating lives of puffins.
Springwatch 2022 will focus on the fascinating lives of puffins. (Image credit: Alamy)

Springwatch 2022 is about to be sprung on BBC Two. There will be puffins hatching, foxes denning, young boars foraging — no wonder Chris Packham, Megan McCubbin, Iolo Williams and Michaela Strachan are champing at the bit to bring us a new series which is based at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk.

So here's all you need to know about Springwatch 2022 on BBC2...

The Springwatch 2022 team are ready for the wildlife!

The Springwatch 2022 team of Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Iola Williams are ready for the wildlife action! (Image credit: BBC)

The Springwatch 2022 team is expecting to find happy hedgehogs!

The Springwatch 2022 team is expecting to find happy hedgehogs!  (Image credit: Alamy)

Springwatch 2022 release date

Springwatch 2022 starts on BBC Two on Monday, May 30 at 8pm and runs from Monday to Thursday live for the following three weeks. You can catch up after every episode on BBCiPlayer.

Springwatch 2022 — Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan on what's happening

It will be a busy time on Springwatch 2022 as presenters Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan revealed to us beforehand...

"We have some amazing stories," says Chris, who over the next three weeks, alongside Michaela, will bring us all the live shows.

"I can’t wait!" adds Michaela. "The number of nests and variety of birds we had last year was extraordinary, so it’s exciting to be going back knowing we’ll have so many nests to focus on. That’s what Springwatch is about — seeing chicks hatch and watching what happens to them. I’m looking forward to seeing buzzards, kestrels, marsh harriers — we’re going to learn so much."

Chris reminds us: "It won’t just be about the feathered and furry. We’ll squeeze in all the different life we can. I’ll be constantly championing underdogs like invertebrates. One of the highlights of last year’s show was immersing myself in a mating swarm of midges that had formed into a tight, upright column. I called it a midge-nado! You never know what you’re going to see."

A kestrel in flight in Norfolk.

A kestrel in flight in Norfolk. (Image credit: Alamy)

Chris Packham hosts.

Chris Packham is excited to be in Norfolk again for Springwatch 2022.  (Image credit: BBC)

Megan McCubbin on Springwatch 2022

Amidst romancing cuttlefish, jumping spiders and wild badger births, fellow Springwatch presenter Iolo Williams will be exploring the nests, ponds and meadows on the Isle of Mull. Meanwhile, Chris Packham’s step-daughter, Megan McCubbin, is taking a road trip across the North of England.

"I’ll have a camera on a puffin’s nest on Coquet Island on the Northumberland coast, hoping the eggs hatch as we go live," says Megan. "And I’m going to an allotment in Newcastle city center, where we know there are foxes denning and hedgehogs. We want to showcase urban wildlife. It’s time to give a bit of love to the wildlife in our cities!"

Megan McCubbin is on a road trip for Springwatch 2022.

Megan McCubbin is on a road trip for Springwatch 2022. (Image credit: BBC)


Witness the romantic lives of cuttlefish in Springwatch 2022. (Image credit: Lamy)

Mindfulness Moments in Springwatch 2022

Mindfulness Moments segments in Springwatch feature rare pictures and sounds of nature. The presenters revealed more about this popular part of Springwatch.

Megan says: "We thought viewers would like them, but didn’t think people would love them as much as they do. They’ve clearly hit a nerve, which is fantastic."

Michaela says: "We all need a bit of mindfulness right now. The world is a chaotic and confusing place and we’re in desperate need of reconnecting with nature, wildlife and the outdoors. More programs with mindfulness would help a lot of people with their mental health."

Chris says: "I think the tone of Springwatch has probably changed since COVID-19 in a positive way. We’ve focused more on health and wellbeing when it comes to nature and people engaging with it, and that will continue. 

The three presenters also told us how they practice mindfulness and unwind in nature...

Chris says: "By walking my dogs and noticing the daily changes in the colours, sounds and smells of the season."

Megan says: "Paddleboarding — just being by the ocean makes me happy."

Michaela says: "Hiking. I live on the footprint of a mountain and hiking calms my mind. Nature gives so much joy and comfort." 

You'll see the cutest creatures in Springwatch 2022.

You'll see the cutest creatures in Springwatch 2022. (Image credit: Alamy)

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