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The Amazing Race season 34: release date and everything we know about the reality series

The Amazing Race season 34
The Amazing Race season 34 is right around the corner... (Image credit: CBS)

After filming season 34 over the summer, The Amazing Race is back for you to watch in fall 2022. The reality competition show first aired in 2001 and, over 20 years later, contestants are still signing up in search of the $1 million prize. 

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The race is split into legs, where contestants receive clues and must navigate around foreign countries to complete physically and mentally challenging tasks. If they’re the last one to make it to their final destination for that leg, they could be eliminated. If they can persevere, the final team will earn the seven-figure sum in the end.

The Amazing Race season 33 was unique compared to the dozens before it. Filming was shut down early on in production due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there was a positive that came out of the way the show now works.

"... I think one of the best things that came out of all of this is we literally got our own plane — a plane that says The Amazing Race on it. And that was for all of us. For years, we’ve all been talking about wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to line up in airports and wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to go through all these crazy security procedures. To get on a plane that was a bit of a game changer, I’ve got to be honest with you," Phil told Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab).

It’s unclear how previous seasons’ precautions will play into the upcoming one, but regardless, we’re ready to break out our passports (figuratively, of course).

The Amazing Race season 34 release date

 Prepare to travel around the world — all without leaving the comfort of your couch — when season 34 premieres on Wednesday, September 21, at 10 pm ET.

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The Amazing Race shares CBS Wednesday nights with Survivor season 43 and the new reality series The Real Love Boat.

The Amazing Race season 34 cast

We’re expecting about 11 teams of two people to compete on this season of The Amazing Race. From former NFL players to everyday parents, the reality show tends to include a diverse group of people. The cast hasn’t been unveiled just yet, but that’s expected to change as we inch closer to the premiere.

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The Amazing Race season 34 locations

While season 33 was limited to European countries — as opposed to previous seasons where the entire map was on the table — it’s unknown where the teams will be racing in the new season. However, we know they’ll be doing so on the private plane. 

The Amazing Race season 34 host

Phil Keoghan is back as the host for season 34 of The Amazing Race. The New Zealand-born TV presenter has hosted the show since the very beginning and he’s also an executive producer.

The Amazing Race season 34 trailer

CBS hasn’t released a trailer just yet, but the build-up is quite exciting, right? After all, the contestants could be traveling anywhere in the world. Any predictions?

How to watch The Amazing Race

You can watch the new episodes of The Amazing Race season 34 every Wednesday live on CBS. The episodes are available on-demand the following day on Paramount Plus. 

To go back and watch older seasons, you can stream them on Hulu (opens in new tab), Prime Video (opens in new tab), Paramount Plus (opens in new tab) or Vudu (opens in new tab).

The Amazing Race is not currently available to watch in the UK.

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