The best love reality TV shows

The best love reality TV shows - Love is Blind
Love is Blind is just one of the best 'love' TV shows to binge. (Image credit: Netflix)

Whether it’s the grief Morag gave Luke about his dress sense or the sweet romance between Taya and Adam, this year's Married at First Sight UK has brought a massive dose of drama and nail-biting cliff-hangers. 

If you’ve already binge-watched the whole show and it’s left a massive reality TV-shaped hole in your life, then luckily Married at First Sight US and Australia have plenty of seasons on catch up. 

But, if that's not enough, we’ve also scoured every TV channel and streaming service to find you the best reality TV shows all about love and romance. 

Here are the best love reality TV shows...

The Bachelor 

Now on its 25th season, The Bachelor is the ultimate pull at your heart-strings reality TV show. As the title suggests one ‘bachelor’ has his choice of 30 women, who he takes on dates to get to know. Every episode he whittles down his selection by giving the women he likes a rose – while those who don’t receive one have to go home. Every week his selection of dates gets smaller until he’s left with his last choices – with one he must propose to. Expect lots of drama, home truths, and snogging. 

Number of seasons: 25

Number of episodes: 12

Average episode length: 2 hours

Where to watch: US: Hulu UK: Hayu on Amazon

The Bachelorette

As you’ve probably guessed the Bachelorette is a spin-off from the Bachelor series, with most of the women featuring on the show having starred on the Bachelor as the competing women. Now on its 16th season, it follows the same format as The Bachelor where one Bachelorette dates around 30 different men to see which one she sparks with, and ultimately picks to spend the rest of her life with. Last year’s Bachelorette caused some controversy with who she picked, while if you think there won’t be any drama among the male contestants then you’d be wrong. 

Number of seasons: 25

Number of episodes: 13

Average episode length: 2 hours

Where to watch: US: Hulu UK: Hayu on Amazon

Love Island UK

The Love Island 2021 contestants

'Love Island' sees contestants find romance in the sun.  (Image credit: Lifted Entertainment / ITV)

Love Island UK has got everything you are looking for in a dating show... drama, romance, sneaky stolen moments, and plenty of broken hearts and betrayal. Filmed in a beautiful Mallorcan villa, young and sexy singletons arrive on the Spanish Island to find love, and while many couples have been successful over the years, each romance comes with a huge helping of drama along the way. 

Number of seasons: 7

Number of episodes: 292

Average episode length: 60 - 95 mins

Where to watch: US: Britbox  UK: ITV Hub 

Love Island USA

Love Island USA

'Love Island USA' is hosted by Arielle Vandenberg. (Image credit: ITV)

Based on the UK version of Love Island, Love Island USA is jam-packed with the same scandal and romance as the British version. The third season aired this summer and was filmed in Hawaii, which was a welcome change from season 2, which had to be filmed at The Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas under struct quarantine rules due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Arielle Vandenberg is a hit as the show's host, while Matthew Hoffman narrates, bringing us all the action until one loved-up couple will win the $50,000 prize money.

Number of seasons: 3

Number of episodes: 85

Average episode length: 60 - 95 minutes mins

Where to watch: US: Paramount Plus and CBS  UK: ITV Hub

Love is Blind

Love is Blind

'Love is Blind' is a great binge-watch. (Image credit: Netflix)

A completely new concept for reality shows, the first series aired last year, and went straight to no.1 on Netflix. It follows a selection of contestants who blindly date each other in boxes, where they can hear each other but not see them. The big reveal comes after one of them has proposed, then the couples spend time getting to know each other on holiday and as they move in with each other, hoping that personality and connection, rather than looks, is the key to a good relationship. Expect arguments, drama and lots of awkward staring. Season 2 is coming soon, and Netflix have already signed up a third season.

Number of seasons: 1

Number of episodes: 14

Average episode length: 55 mins

Where to watch: US: Netflix UK: Netflix

Keeping up with the Kardashians 

Hayu on NOW TV - Keeping up with the Kardashians

'Keeping up with the Kardashians' is the ultimate reality TV show.  (Image credit: Sky)

When this reality show first started Kim was merely known as Paris Hilton’s PA, but along with her sisters, their popularity skyrocketed because of the show. Following their personal and professional lives as they attend photoshoots, holiday in various Instagram worthy locations, and date different men, their Mum Kris Jenner, who also acts as their manager, and her husband Bruce Jenner, now known as Caitlyn Jenner, attempts to put out fires between the sisters and launch their careers. The show aired its final season this year, and over the years the family has had various spin-off shows including Kourtney and Kim take Miami

Number of seasons: 20 

Number of episodes: 12 per season

Average episode length: 1 hour

Where to watch: US: Hulu UK:  Amazon Prime

Below Deck 

Below Deck Med season 6

Will anyone find romance on a luxury boat?  (Image credit: Bravo)

If you’ve always wondered what happens, above and below deck, on a superyacht then this could become your new addiction. Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean follow the crew members as they prepare a superyacht, in various lavish locations such as the South of France and the Caribbean, for millionaires. As the crew run around after the guests feeding them with champagne and oysters and tending to their every ridiculous request the real drama is going on below deck. With cameras everywhere, they catch all the action – including heated arguments and kisses. The drama heats up when the guests leave the boat, and the crew are let loose with free-flowing alcohol and access to the yachts hot tubs and guest rooms.

Number of seasons: 8 and 6 (Below Deck Mediterranean) 

Number of episodes: 15

Average episode length: 1 hour

Where to watch: US: Hulu, Netflix UK: Netflix, E4, Hayu on Amazon

Sexy Beasts 

A typical Sexy Beasts date night!

'Sexy Beasts' is one strange reality dating show!  (Image credit: Netflix)

Sexy Beasts could be the most bizarre dating show yet devised! The premise is not to judge your date on their looks but on their personality. An admirable mission! But the show goes to extremes to make sure this happens, by disguising the men and women daters in outrageous 'beast' costumes created using Hollywood-level prosthetics. 

So the single men and women have their real looks completely hidden, as they’re transformed into all manner of animals, from 'Panda' and 'Mouse' to 'Wolf' and 'Beaver'. It's The Masked Singer meets Love Island! They really have no idea of each other's looks and can only make judgments on personality, the information imparted, and how the date goes.

Number of seasons: 2

Number of episodes: 6

Average episode length: 25 minutes

Where to watch: US: Netflix UK: Netflix

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