'Sexy Beasts' on Netflix — all you need to know about the bizarre new dating show with strange disguises

A typical Sexy Beasts date night!
A typical Sexy Beasts date night! (Image credit: Netflix)

Sexy Beasts could be the most bizarre dating show yet devised! The premise is not to judge your date on their looks, but on their personality. An admirable mission! But the show goes to extremes to make sure this happens, by disguising the men and women daters in outrageous "beast" costumes created using Hollywood-level prosthetics. 

So the single men and women have their real looks completely hidden, as they’re transformed into all manner of animals, from "Panda" and "Mouse" to "Wolf" and "Beaver". Look out too for 'Rhino' who's recently taken up 'Sex Kung Fu'. It's The Masked Singer meets Love Island! They really have no idea of each other's looks and can only make judgments on personality, the information imparted, and how the date goes... 

We couldn't be more intrigued, so here's everything we know so far about Netflix dating show Sexy Beasts...

Sexy Beasts release date

Sexy Beasts will arrive on Netflix on Wednesday 21 July, when all six episodes are launched. So there's not long to wait for the dating to begin!

Is there a Sexy Beasts trailer?

Yes a Sexy Beasts trailer has just been released by Netflix which shows how dating works in the show, plus it gives us a great idea of what the prosthetic disguises are like. Take a look right here...

How dating on Sexy Beasts works

Each episode of Sexy Beasts will feature a new single "Picker" searching for true love based purely on personality. They will date three potential love matches out in the real world — all in full prosthetic make-up (and with stunned members of the public looking on). Only when the dating is over and our picker has chosen their potential love match (ie their Sexy Beast) will everyone’s real faces be revealed. There'll be some fun narration to each date provided by actor and comedian Rob Delaney. The "Pickers" and "Daters" come from the US, UK and Canada.

In Sexy Beasts, the 'Picker' has a choice of three 'Daters'.

In Sexy Beasts, the 'Picker' has a choice of three 'Daters'. (Image credit: Netflix)

Sexy Beasts episode guide

Mouse is looking for love in Sexy Beasts.

Mouse is looking for love in episode 1 of Sexy Beasts. (Image credit: Netflix)

Sexy Beasts Episode 1

The "Picker" is...

Demon — Emma is looking for a guy who is “funny and open” and admits she usually goes for bad boys. 6ft tall model Emma is tired of men always judging her on her looks, so she’s been transformed into a Demon with hopes of finding true love based on personality alone. Hoping they’re Emma’s perfect match are: Archie the Stone Man with potentially psychic powers; Bennett the Mandrill, a self-confessed “boob guy”; and Adam the Mouse, whose

The "Dates" are...

Stone Man — Archie has only been in one relationship and is hoping to find the girl for him. He believes he might have psychic powers and is confident his personality can shine through the mask: “If we vibe well, then boom!” he says.
Mandrill — Bennett is a former pro volleyball player from San Diego. He's optimistic when it comes to his chances of being chosen as the Sexy Beast, hoping to “run off into the sunset” with his date. He's a self-confessed "boob guy".
Mouse — Adam is an electrician from Birmingham, England. He’s here because he usually goes for “looks first, personality second” which has not been a successful dating tactic for him thus far. His secret weapon is wearing ladies’ perfume because “they like the smell of it… it’s already a box ticked”.

Sexy Beasts Episode 2

The "Picker" is...

Beaver — James is a lab technician from Los Angeles who's never been on a formal date. His 20-inch biceps cause people to assume he’s “selfish and cocky” whereas actually, he has a heart “even bigger” than his muscles.  He’s looking for someone to “make me wanna fall in love” 

The "Dates" are...

Pixie — Amber is from North Carolina and serves in the US Military. The right guy for Amber is “someone who knows how to have fun” and can “throw a little pizzazz”.
Zombie — Tamiko is from San Francisco and works in "Drone Tech". A “serial first dater” she admits it's “very hard” for guys to get a second date. “I am looking for love...with a Bad Boy Barack Obama”.
Leopard — Alexis is a law student and singer-songwriter from New York City. She’s had no luck on the New York dating scene and has come to Sexy Beasts to find romance.

Sexy Beasts Episode 3

The "Picker" is...

Panda — Kariselle is a "party motivator" from New Jersey looking for her “future husband”. She's convinced she'll find him too because a psychic told her she would. 

The 'Dates' are...

Bull — Josh is an Engineer from Atlanta, Georgia, whose ideal woman is into Star Wars, Marvel, and “can match me in my Funko Pop collection”.
Tin Man — Ethan is a Marine Biologist from Dallas, Texas who can hold his breath for four minutes and “blow your mind” with dolphin facts.
Alien — Tyler is a Model and Security Guard from Los Angeles. “I have kissed multiple girls at the same time, I will not lie,” he brags. Tyler doesn’t have any tactics to win, relying on a personality he rates at 9.9999 out of 10.

Sexy Beasts Episode 4

The "Picker" is...

Wolf — Ibrahim is a professional dancer and graffiti artist from New York and London. He believes that “everyone is beautiful in their own way”.

The "Dates" are...

Troll — Karissa is a life coach originally from Texas. She's inspired by “humanity thriving” which “makes my cells dance”. She also says: “I love.. connecting with someone based on who they are... and massive, beautiful biceps”.
Owl — Gabi is a veterinary student from West Virginia. She was once hit on by a guy when she had her arm inside an elephant’s anus.
Dinosaur — “My dating history has been a little bit of a disaster,” says Bella, a model, and motivational speaker from London, England. She is passionate about self-love. “If you can’t love yourself how are you supposed to love anyone else?”.

Sexy Beasts Episode 5

The "Picker" is...

Dolphin — Nina is an admin assistant from San Diego who's come to Sexy Beasts looking for a “big, epic romance” and she wants it with a cowboy!

The "Dates" are...

Rhino — Mick is a holistic health practitioner from LA. He describes himself as “the techno prince, warrior poet, monkey man, spiritual cowboy on the hero’s journey to liberate human-kind”. Oh and he likes "Sex Kung Fu" whatever this is.
Scarecrow — Doing their best Worzel Gummidge impression is Dustin, a student from Texas. He does have cowboy credentials — he rides horses, wears boots, a cowboy hat, and pearl snaps, and drives a big truck. He says: “I have two secret weapons when dating... the country-boy charm and my smile ”.
Mantis — Dominic is a model from London, England who “lives and loves the party”. But despite this lifestyle, he's now ”ready to find the one”.

Sexy Beasts Episode 6

The "Picker" is...

Rooster — Kelechi is a pharmacy student from Knoxville, Tennessee, with a history of bad dating experiences. 

The 'Dates' are...

Frog — Cassie is an investment manager originally from Toronto, and a Disney fan looking for her Prince Charming. “When I find my one true love I’m going to grab him by the balls and never let him go!”. 
Deer — “My face doesn’t actually match my personality,” says Martha , a sales executive from Southampton, England, who once flew to the USA by mistake.
Witch — Lilly is a model from London, England, who thinks dating apps are “crazy” and wants to meet someone who's into her personality and not just “a pretty face”.

Demon is the 'Picker' in Sexy Beasts episode 1.

Demon is 'Picker' in Sexy Beasts episode 1. (Image credit: Netflix)

Wolf is 'Picker' in Sexy Beasts episode 4.

Wolf is 'Picker' in Sexy Beasts episode 4. (Image credit: Netflix)

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