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'The Holiday' — release date, cast and everything you need to know

The Holiday star Jill Halfpenny
Jill Halfpenny, star of The Holiday. (Image credit: Dave Benett/Getty Images)

The Holiday is a new drama that has just been announced by UK broadcaster Channel 5. 

It follows one woman whose life is turned upside down the moment she uncovers her husband’s affair whilst on what should have been her dream family getaway.

Based on T.M. Logan’s bestselling novel of the same name, and adapted by Michael Crompton, one of the writers on Silent Witness, The Holiday is a four-part miniseries that’s sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seat.

Here’s everything we know about The Holiday so far... 

The Holiday release date 

We don’t yet have an exact release date for The Holiday, but we do know it will be on Channel 5 later this year in the UK. There's no news yet on when it will be released in the US.

The Holiday cast 

Jill Halfpenny (The Drowning, Dark Money) leads the cast of The Holiday as Kate, a woman who’s dream family holiday quickly becomes a nightmare! 

Jill said: “T.M. Logan’s novel, The Holiday, was such a joy to bring to life and filming with such a talented cast was just fantastic!

“Portraying Kate’s dream holiday turn into a nightmare was great fun and hopefully the fans of the book, and those who have yet to discover it, will enjoy the rollercoaster journey we take you on with this gripping thriller.”

Alongside Jill Halfpenny are: Owen McDonnell (Killing Eve, The Bay) as Kate’s husband Sean, Lara McDonnell (Artemis Fowl) as teenage daughter Lucy and Aidan McCann (Red Rock) as their young son, Daniel.

Liv Mjones (Midsommar) will appear as Kate’s friend Jenny, and her family are played by Aidan McCardle (The Trial of Christine Keeler) as husband Alistair and newcomer Shaun O’Callaghan Wade as their son Jake. 

Kate’s best friend Rowan will be played by Siobhan Hewlett (Redemption), who is married to Russ, played by Andrew Macklin (Doctor Who). Molly McCann (Herself) appears as Rowan and Russ’ daughter, Odette, and Cat Simmons (Ordinary Lies) rounds out the ensemble cast as Izzy.  

What's the plot?

The Holiday follows Kate on her dream family holiday in the Mediterranean, a holiday that swiftly becomes a nightmare after Kate discovers her husband has been having an affair with one of her close friends! 

Her four best friends are all on holiday with her, and Kate spends the rest of her time trying to get to the bottom of just what happened. As she closes in on the truth, she realises far too late just how high the stakes are, as someone in the villa might be prepared to kill to keep the affair hidden!