The Vintage French Farmhouse: release date, antique dealers, episodes, locations and everything we know

The Vintage French Farmhouse is a new daytime series from the makers of The Repair Shop
The Vintage French Farmhouse is a new daytime series that sees antique dealers compete in Provence. (Image credit: BBC)

The Vintage French Farmhouse is a brand new daytime series for BBC One that features a host of antique dealers competing to sell an array of items in the stunning setting of Provence in the South of France. 

The series was created by Ricochet, the production company behind the hugely popular series, The Repair Shop

Executive producer for Ricochet, Rae Gilder, says, “The Vintage French Farmhouse will be an escapist treat that shows us that there is good money to be made buying and selling in one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

Commissioner for BBC Daytime, Muslim Alim, says, “We’re looking forward to showing audiences the delights and delicacies of the south of France. This show will not only excite audiences with vintage finds and haggling tips from the experts but open up a new way to escape their homes and explore the flea markets of France.”

James Gooch in The Vintage French Farmhouse series one 2023

Dealer James Gooch out and about in sunny Provence.  (Image credit: BBC)

The Vintage French Farmhouse release date 

Vintage French Farmhouse will air from Monday, September 25, 2023 on BBC One at 4.30 pm. 

It will run as 20 episodes, each 45 minutes long, and will be shown daily, Monday to Friday.

The Vintage French Farmhouse — how does the programme work? 

Each week three antiques dealers will be based at the Vintage French Farmhouse, a beautiful property nestled amid the vineyards, olive groves and rolling hills of Provence in the South of France. 

The farmhouse is perfectly located close to some of France’s best antiques markets, or ‘Brocantes’ as they’re known locally.

The dealers will visit the markets, including the well-known market town of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, and be challenged to select items that they then have 24 hours to sell. 

They return to the farmhouse to clean up their treasures and take photos to create images to entice bids. 

Then it’s time to post the items for sale online. Whoever makes the most profit from their sales wins the day.

Along the way the dealers will offer take-home tips to viewers on how to spot a bargain, how to haggle for the right price and the best way to sell it for a profit.

Antiques dealer Adi in The Vintage French Farmhouse.

Adi has been trading in France for over 20 years.  (Image credit: BBC)

The Vintage French Farmhouse — who are the first antiques dealers taking part? 

Jacqui Harries, Adi Higham and James Gooch are the first trio of British dealers going head-to-head and living together at the Vintage French Farmhouse. 

Jacqui, a familiar face from The Bidding Room, specializes in Inter-War items and antiques.

Toy and textile specialist, Adi has been sourcing antiques from France for over 20 years and speaks French, so thinks he could be at an advantage for this challenge. 

James specializes in high-end antiques. 

In episode one  Jacqui’s eye is caught by a WW2 brass water canteen, Adi is drawn to a wooden figurine of Christ which he thinks could be 17th Century and James spots a small pottery figurine of a hand-painted Harlequin. But which item will make the biggest profit?  

Dealer Jacqui harries looking at lamps.

Dealer Jacqui Harries trying to find hidden gems in the French market.  (Image credit: BBC)

The Vintage French Farmhouse — what do the dealers say about the experience? 

Jacqui says, "I don’t speak French and I’ve never shopped in France before but I think that made it more exciting. Immersing yourself with the local traders and being in such a magical setting was fantastic."

The Vintage French Farmhouse series one 2023.

There will be different dealers featured later in the series.  (Image credit: BBC)

Ian Humphries, Jo Roberts and Harry Khwaja are among the dealers who will be staying in the Vintage French Farmhouse and attempting to find profitable treasures later in the series. 

The Vintage French Farmhouse airs from Monday, September 25 2023 on BBC One and BBCiPlayer. 

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