'The Wild Gardener' on BBC2: start date, host and everything you need to know

The Wild Gardener.
Colin Stafford-Johnson presents the new nature programme. (Image credit: BBC)

The Wild Gardener coming soon to BBC2 sees wildlife cinematographer and presenter Colin Stafford-Johnson return home to focus on a very personal project to help local wildlife. Filmed in Ireland, Colin will attempt to turn his boyhood country garden into a paradise for wildlife.

Speaking about the series, Colin said: "Whether in a remote village or suffocating suburb — your garden patch, big or small — can genuinely help our beleaguered natural world.”

Here's what we know about the two-part special so far...

When is The Wild Gardener on BBC2?

So far, The Wild Gardener doesn't have a confirmed release date on BBC2 but we'll update this page as soon as we know!

What is The Wild Gardener about?

Presenter Colin Stafford-Johnson has just inherited his boyhood country garden in Ireland and wants to turn it into a wildlife wonderland. In the series we'll see him digging ponds, clear scrub and try to figure out how to lure wild creatures back.

Colin’s Dad was a TV Gardener; their family ran a Garden Centre and Colin even spent his childhood helping out with the gardening, so he's got a lot of experience. In addition to this, he will seek out the finest wild gardens in Britain and Ireland to discover what strategies are needed to help wildlife thrive.

Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning Natural History and Science, says: "I can't wait to watch Colin transform his childhood garden into a beautiful, wildlife wonderland. Rewilding the world begins in our own back yards!"

Who is Colin Stafford-Johnson?

Colin is an award-winning cameraman, director and broadcaster who is known for presenting programmes such as Wild Cuba: A Caribbean Journey, Animal Babies: First Year on Earth and Natural World: Queen of Tigers. He has a degree in Biology and has always been passionate about nature from a young age.