Truelove: cast, plot and all about the new drama starring Lindsey Duncan

Truelove on Channel 4 stars Lindsey Duncan as a senior police officer Phil.
Truelove on Channel 4 stars Lindsey Duncan as a senior police officer Phil. (Image credit: Getty)

With Lindsey Duncan as its lead, Truelove on Channel 4 asks whether you’d help a friend to end their misery. Jam-packed with other stars too, including Sue Johnston, Phil Davis and Clarke Peters, the six-part series is made by Clerkenwell Films, the team behind comedy-drama hit The End of the F***ing World. The drama had previously cast Julie Walters but sadly she is battling advanced bowel cancer and had to be replaced by Lindsey.

Truelove follows a group of old friends reunited at a funeral. Julie Walters plays Phil, an ex-senior police chief enjoying her somewhat boring retirement, who comes face to face with old flame Ken (Clarke Peters). And it’s not long before the pair realise they never quite got over one another. After a few drinks, the chat gets deep and they make a pact, along with the rest of the gang, to help one another have dignified deaths when the time comes. But the time comes sooner than they think...

Here's all you need to know about Truelove on Channel 4...

Truelove release date 

Truelove is six-episode drama that will premiere on Channel 4. There’s no release date yet but watch this space and we’ll update you when it’s announced. 

Truelove plot 

In Truelove, Lindsey Duncan plays Phil, an ex-senior police chief who is in the midst of her retirement. At a friend’s funeral she bumps into her teenage sweetheart Ken (played by Clarke Peters) who is now an ex-special forces veteran and divorcee. The pair never really got over their feelings for one another and both feel a little at sea in their retirement. 

At the funeral, the drinks flow and soon the pair and their friends start talking about their own deaths. And they make a drunken pact that if any of them are suffering a slow and terrible decline, they will step in to help them have a dignified death. But what starts out as a fanciful idea soon becomes a shocking reality. And they are all left wondering if it’s ever right to end a life? Can these pensioners take back control of their lives during their twilight years? 

“If your friend reached a soul-destroying level of decrepitude, could you help them transition, if asked?” says Clarke Peters. “Would it be right, would it be noble, could you do it? Which of that internal triumvirate do you listen to — your head, heart or soul? You know it is illegal in law and scripture to take a life, but could you do it? These scripts explore that moral dilemma in a way I’ve never seen before. It’s funny, it’s dark and it’s full of twists and turns. And DAMN! To tell this story, with this cast, was something I would have dreaded missing out on… Roll on “action”!”

Truelove cast —Lindsey Duncan as Phil

Lindsey Duncan plays Phil in Truelove. The Scottish actress has previously starred in dramas such as Merlin, The Sinking of The Laconia, Doctor Who and Around The World in 80 Days.

Clarke Peters as Ken

In Truelove, Clarke Peters plays Phil's ex flame Ken. Clarke is best known for his role as Detective Lester Freamon in the hit series The Wire. He’s also starred in Life on Mars, Marley & Me, Doctor Who, Holby City and Damages. He played Nelson Mandela in the TV movie Mandela: The Prison Years and starred as Sonny in The Tunnel. He was also in the huge movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Clarke plays Josiah in The Man Who Fell to Earth

Clarke Peters stars in Truelove.

Clarke Peters stars as Ken in Truelove. (Image credit: Getty)

Who else is starring in Truelove?

Truelove also features The Royle Family, Brookside and Time star Sue Johnston, alongside Phil Davis (Whitechapel, Poldark), Peter Egan (Unforgotten, After Life), Karl Johnson (Mum), Fiona Button (The Split) and Kiran Sonia Sawar (Murdered by My Father).   

Sue Johnson is one of Phil's pals in Truelove.

Sue Johnson is one of Phil's pals in Truelove. (Image credit: Getty )

Phil Davis is among the big stars in Truelove.

Phil Davis is among the big stars in Truelove. (Image credit: Getty)

Truelove locations

Truelove filmed scenes in Burnham on Sea with scenes taking place on boats. Filming also took place on the beach next to Burnham Sailing Club and the pontoons.

Is there a trailer for Truelove?

No, not yet but we can’t wait to see what's in store. When Channel 4 do release a trailer we’ll post it on this page. 

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