'Uprising' by Steve McQueen — everything you need to know about the BBC series

Uprising creator Steve McQueen
(Image credit: BBC/Rogan)

Uprising is a new three-part series coming to BBC1, which examines three events from 1981: the New Cross Fire, Black People’s Day of Action, and the Brixton riots in April. 

This new series explores the way these three events intertwined and how race relations were defined for a generation.

Uprising is created by Academy Award winner Steve McQueen and BAFTA winner James Rogan, with each instalment focusing on a different event and those who it affected.

Speaking about his latest project, Steve McQueen says: “It is an honour to make these films with testimonials from the survivors, investigators, activists and representatives of the machinery of state. We can only learn if we look at things through the eyes of everyone concerned; the New Cross Fire passed into history as a tragic footnote, but that event and its aftermath can now be seen as momentous events in our nation’s history.”

Here's what we know so far...

Uprising release date on BBC1

A release date for Uprising has not yet been confirmed by the BBC, but we'll let you know as soon as that changes. In the meantime, Steve McQueen's acclaimed Small Axe series can be watched via BBC iPlayer

What is Uprising about?

Uprising is a "vivid and visceral" series which explores three events from 1981. In January, the New Cross Fire, which killed 13 black teenagers, made headlines. The exact cause of the fire remains unconfirmed and no one has been charged.

Then in March, Black People’s Day of Action saw more than 20,000 people join the first organised mass protest by black British people, and the series will conclude by focusing on Brixton riots which took place in April that year.

James Rogan, Director and Executive Producer, adds: “The New Cross Fire that claimed the lives of so many young people and affected many more remains one of the biggest losses of life in a house fire in modern British history. What happened and how Britain responded to it is a story that has been waiting to be told in depth for 40 years. In the series, survivors and the key participants will give their account of the fire, the aftermath, the impact it had on the historic events of 1981 and the profound legacy it has left behind.”

Is there a trailer?

Not yet — but we'll be sure to keep you updated.