Victoria's Secret: Angels and Demons — release date, trailer and everything we know

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Once upon a time Victoria’s Secret was a mainstay in shopping malls all over the globe. The holiday fashion show transported viewers with their scantily clad models — known as Angels — who modeled lingerie paired with outlandish outfits. A new Hulu documentary series, Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons, will explore the dark underpinnings of the brand and its eventual fall from grace. 

After fallout surrounding the lack of diversity among its models, both in terms of race, gender and body image, the company has been working steadily to reform its brand to be more inclusive by partnering with high profile athletes, actors and influencers like Priyanka Chopra and Megan Rapinoe.

However, there are some demons in the closet that the company has yet to reckon with and they will be explored in this new documentary. 

Here’s everything we know about Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons

When is the Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons release date? 

All three episodes of Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons will drop on July 14 on Hulu for US audiences.

In the UK, the documentary debuts on Friday, July 15, on Disney Plus.

What is Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons about? 

Here is the synopsis that Hulu has provided about Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons:

"Investigated with journalistic rigor, Matt Tyrnauer directs this searing and provocative exposé of the Victoria’s Secret brand as well as their then CEO, the larger-than-life, enigmatic billionaire, Les Wexner. Truth is not what it seems, as the underworld of fashion, the billionaire class and Jeffrey Epstein are revealed to all be inextricably intertwined with the fall of this legendary brand."

Is there a trailer for Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons? 

The trailer for Victoria's Secret: Angels and Demons is here, previewing the mysterious dynamic behind the glitz and glamour of the famous brand between its founder Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein. Watch the trailer right here:

Who is Matt Tyrnauer?

Matt Tyrnauer is the director of Victoria's Secret: Angels and Demons, his latest documentary. His previous documentaries include Valentino: The Last Emperor, Citizen Jane: Battle for the City, Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, Studio 54, Where's My Roy Cohn? and the TV docuseries The Reagans.

Tyrnauer is also a journalist, currently writing for Vanity Fair.

How to watch Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons 

Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons is available exclusively on Hulu where the streaming service is available. That means it’s only available to watch if you subscribe to Hulu. 

You do have some options when it comes to selecting a Hulu plan. You can choose a standalone Hulu subscription, a Hulu with Live TV subscription or you might choose the Disney Plus Bundle, which gives you access to Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN. 

UK viewers can watch the documentary exclusively on Disney Plus.

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